Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!


My first overseas trip was to Scotland about nine years ago. I was there for only seven days.

But it was absolutely magical… I had no idea that somewhere so beautiful lurked behind the mist! That country and its history seeps into your soul and never, ever leaves.

Maybe it was just something they snuck into the haggis?

At any rate, it struck me today what a blessing it is that a country gets to vote for independence. Vote. No bloodshed.

My thoughts and prayers are with Scotland and its people. No matter which way the vote goes this is a historic, awe inspiring moment!


32 thoughts on “Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!

  1. What lovely sentiments. Scotland is close to my heart too. I live in a part of the world that has a similar climate and lots of mystery and magic hiding in those mists. My husband’s father came from Scotland, so I took my fondness for all things Scottish as far as I possibly could without ever having to leave the country.


  2. In the trenches of WWI bagpipers were used to stir the courage of Canadian soldiers to go over the wall of the trench knowing they would be dead before they ran a hundred yards. The bagpipers would perform and march along the top of the trench as bullets whizzed by.


  3. I also love Scotland and hope to visit more of it soon. I’ve been watching it with plenty of interest as I’m from Barcelona and the situation is getting quite interesting here. Strange to see the different approaches though. There the UK government kept saying please stay we’ll give you more. In Spain it’s threats and we’ll throw the law at you, you bad, bad people. Not the right way to go about it. It seems the NO has won but hey…Change is scary to many, or to most.


  4. Oh I love that picture! I thought it was Stalker Castle, but when I looked up the (ahem) spelling, I found that I’m wrong. I’ve been there, but can’t remember which castle. (I am hopeless in Scotland. I follow my husband and drink beer. It works for me.)

    Scotland is close to my heart — my husband asked me to marry him on the cliffs overlooking Edinburgh Castle at sunset (tomorrow is our 28th anniversary!).

    I’m quite sad that the No’s won. I think an independent Scotland would have had a great, caring voice in the world based on its left center politics. Now the austerity folks have won and nothing changes. Sad, to me.

    But I do love the bloodless vote. If only more problems in the world were solved this way!


  5. “what a blessing it is that a country gets to vote for independence. Vote. No bloodshed. ”
    What a good point! I’d missed it. Sometimes living in the UK I forget to count my blessings, with so much bloodshed going on about the issue of freedom, it truly is something to be amazed at, (especially after the centuries of war on this issue.)


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