The Long Awkward Pause


“I really love lady doctors…” (Said with a salacious inflection and a wink from the male patient sitting on the exam table in front of me.)

“Oh, really? Well.” Long, awkward pause. “So… let’s talk about your prostate…”


24 thoughts on “The Long Awkward Pause

  1. I had a female colleague tell me, that some of the male patients “presented” with a history of rectal bleeding to emergency, so that they could get a rectal exam by one of the female doctors. That is just creepy! But yea, it sounds real awkward what you went through.


    • I have a number of male patients who insist that I do a prostate check, even if it is not clinically indicated during their yearly physicals. Beware the male patient seeing a “Low T” “specialist”. This fellow was on high doses of testosterone and was taking an estrogen blocker. I had never had problems with him before. I would wonder if maybe he is being over treated…


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