A little creative writing for a Saturday morning:

“I would like to kiss you now.”

His eyes were intense. They seemed to glow despite the fact that we were shrouded in virtual darkness beneath a tree.

The tree.

He had been holding my hand while we talked. What the hell were we talking about anyway? Now I found myself clinging to that hand, holding on for dear life.

I can’t say yes. I shouldn’t say yes.

“No. Not yet.”

I couldn’t meet his gaze. Instead I watched the late night stragglers walking across the Quad from beneath the hidden canopy of the sweeping branches. Our cocoon of sorts. The rest of the world did not feel real. I could see it, but it wasn’t really there.

If I do this, there is no going back. The world will be forever changed. I will always be that woman.

More chit-chat. I still don’t know what we are talking about.

“May I kiss you?” He asked again, more softly this time.

I nodded, giving myself up, an offering to the gods.

The god.

“I need to hear you say it.”

“Please kiss me…”

And then there it was. Surprising easy. Surprisingly painful. Surprisingly delightful.

Never ending.

My first real kiss.

I can still feel his fingers tangled in my hair. His lips on mine. His tongue. His need. My need.

The world ending.

This is in response to a prompt I ran across this morning at Nonsense and Shenanigans.


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