Pumpkin Headed


October is my absolute favorite month of the whole entire year for a multitude of reasons.

For instance you don’t have to don fake seasonal joy. No fraternizing with unpleasant relatives. It is finally not hotter than hell. I can mope about and everyone thinks I am just getting into the Halloween spirit. Plus, there are lots of allergy sufferers keeping me busy at work. I love allergy sufferers! They are easy to help and always super grateful.

By far, however, the best reason for loving October is the pumpkins.

Not the color.

Not the shape.

Not even the Jack ‘O Lanterns. (Here is a great short story by Coldhandboyack about those if you are interested…)

Thanks to modern technology, you can cook with canned pumpkin any ol’ time. But it is only for one month out of the entire year that you can make:


The recipe from Epicurious is linked above if you are interested. I should note here that I stuff mine with even more of everything good: 6oz of gruyere instead of four, six slices of bacon instead of four, 4-5 garlic cloves, more like two pinches of fresh grated nutmeg, and a weeeeee smidgin’ bit more than the 1/3 cup of heavy cream that the recipe calls for.

Through September I freeze the left over stale bits of the sourdough bread I bake every week specifically for this recipe. (Yes, my children may only get a bath once a week but by golly I have fresh sourdough bread baked for me them, every week!)

Bonus: My kids hate the stuffed pumpkin! Why is this good, you may ask? They probably would love it but they won’t even try it. To be honest, I don’t push it because it is a well established medical fact that consumption of your own children’s left overs only settles in the boobs and not in your hips.

Bon Appetite October!



21 thoughts on “Pumpkin Headed

  1. This sounds awesome, you had me at fresh sourdough! Janey’s a lazybones these days though so I’ll likely resort to store-bought. But all the other yumminess will remain the same! Can’t wait!


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