A Slice of Humble Pie


I could hear hurried rustling. Then a boy called out, “Go away!” Exactly what my friend’s son would say. I sighed in relief. I had the right house after all.

I knocked again.

An exasperated female voice called out, “Well, open the door and find out who it is!”

The door cracked open a bit. Two eyes peered out.

“Who is it?”

The two eyes squinted hard at me.

“It’s an old lady!” He called back.

Wait! When did that happen?

Damn my GPS.


28 thoughts on “A Slice of Humble Pie

  1. LOL, that was cute. Kids have no manners, do they? I was about 23 the first time one called me “old.” My favorite comment was, “you’re not too ugly, for a girl I mean.” Compliment or not, I’ll treasure that one for the rest of my life.


  2. LOL, oh noooo! It’s like the first time that at a Mexican restaurant and the waiter did not call me señorita… he called me Señora. I had no appetite after that. I didn’t eat Mexican food for months. Why, that was the last bastion of youth — being called señorita at the Mexican restaurant…
    Huge hugs!


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