Water, Water Everywhere…


“Doc, I know now why God gave women pubic hair. It makes sure the pee goes into the toilet instead of everywhere else!” Said by a patient of mine after losing ALL of her hair to chemo. (I love her!!!!)


22 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere…

  1. Hi!

    Patients say the funniest things πŸ˜› and they often have the best attitudes in the face of diseases that I cannot imagine facing.

    I noticed that you were subscribed to my previous blog (www.teawithMD.com) via wordpress. In the past few weeks I have actually given my blog a complete makeover and transitioned to a different server. Unfortunately this means all of my dear readers got unsubscribed from my website! If you would like to continue reading about health and beauty through a medical lens, please consider subscribing on my blog or liking my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/teawithMD/) to get the latest updates.

    Thank you!




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