Nodding Off…


My brain is mush.

I saw 31 patients, dealt with about 70 documents, and made countless phone calls. I even had to cuss out an insurance company. Again.

So today you get a pretty picture taken by yours truly in Lucerne, Switzerland while I try to feed my kids and get the dishes done and hopefully get some sleep.

I promise something poignant, pithy, or creepy tomorrow!


27 thoughts on “Nodding Off…

  1. Have you taken a vow to post every day? It’s not really necessary, you know. Those of us who love what you do will go on loving it if you post every other day, or even twice a week. I began, eleven months ago, by trying to put up a respectable piece of prose every day. It consumed me. I was living, sleeping blog blog blog. Of course the pings every evening are lovely to hear. But you know — they keep on coming anyway. I picked up ten new followers when there was nothing to follow last summer because I had taken (an announced) six weeks off to work on a book. What were they following? Be as good to yourself as you are to your patients, and we’ll be happy too! 😀

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  2. Sweet dreams. You need to take care of yourself before anything else.

    BTW, some of my best posts were ones I wrote when I was too tired to think straight or make much sense. I believe that’s how Not CM was born, the evil little witch.


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