Weighty Matters


I had a patient come in with his wife for a physical a couple of weeks ago. I have been taking care of him and three generations of his family for the past ten years.

That day, however, I could barely recognize him.


He had lost almost 70 pounds with diet and exercise alone. No meds. No surgery.

Good job!

I gave him, and his wife, a high five and lots of praise.

But there was something else there, too, something in his eye that I have seen before elsewhere. A hunger.

Inside I knew, even if he didn’t say it out loud, and it made me terribly sad.


41 thoughts on “Weighty Matters

  1. In the early 90’s I lost over 70 pounds with diet and exercise and a program. (You know, one of those spiritual programs with steps.) The first couple months that I followed my food plan, I was moody. Almost depressed confirming that I had been using food to cope with my feelings. I think it was the spirituality and the steps that helped filled the void. Then, after more than a year, when people started getting worried about me losing so much weight, I got pregnant! Talk about filling a void. About 7 years later, my husband lost a lot of weight over a period of months with diet and exercise, except without a program. Then he left and got another wife. I think what I’m getting at is, it’s more than a physical thing. It helps to have some kind of spiritual program, or something to help you deal with the feelings that surface, the emptiness, the hunger that’s not physical. Thanks for inspiring me to maybe write a post about this.

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  2. It’s so sad and there is so much judgement on appearance therefore weight or lack of… I put on 20kgs with meds I was prescribed fir Lyme disease. I didn’t have it which has made the fallout worse. Auto accidents have stuffed up my back so exercise is out… apart from a starvation diet how do I lose weight?
    It seems we’re all caught on the merry go round one way or another…any sensible suggestions welcome. Can I donate my surplus fat somewhere πŸ˜„
    PS I’m not hungry – I have to laugh πŸ˜…

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  3. Weight is such a miserable thing! I’ve put on 30lbs since I had my kids. I yoyo back ad forth with about 20 of it. My mom is an OCD dieter. I wouldn’t say she has an eating disorder per se, but every time she diets she goes hard core and it’s all she takes about. I don’t think she’s realizes how hard it is for me. I’m not morbidly obese but definitely could lose a few pounds. I love my mom dearly, but thesis one aspect she does NOT help me with.


    • I come from a long line of morbidly obese people. I struggle with my weight on a daily basis. I completely understand. Mothers. Mine told me when I weighed 120lbs that I needed to wear a girdle because of a big butt. Mind you, she weighed twice that.


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