Living Among the Dead


“I’m not afraid of death; but dying scares the hell out of me.” – Jack Cleary

I love photographing cemeteries. Kinda creepy, I know.

I find it comforting to think that someone someday, maybe a hundred years after I die, may stumble upon my grave and spend a few minutes wondering who I was.


35 thoughts on “Living Among the Dead

  1. I love cemeteries. And have the same curiosities about ‘who’ I see there. The curiosities. like you, I would want others to have about me. We’ve come across some fascinating stories in cemeteries that we would have otherwise missed.


      • I get your point. But I don’t mean nice-nice. I just mean they don’t even inspire, even in a creepy way, like what inspires one to take pictures, like you did/do. They mostly look like a mess, not serene or are remotely interesting. The new cemetery where my parents are, that one I like. Although there isn’t much yet to take pics of.


  2. You’ve got a great photographer’s eye! (And he wants it back…)(Sorry.)

    There is a great cemetery if you are ever in Cincinnati. Spring Grove. It is historical. The grounds are amazing. There are some wonderful monuments and mausoleums. I had never hung out at cemeteries before that one and I loved it.

    Now for creepy…some of the old church yards in Ireland will raise the hair up.


  3. Years ago I had occasion to drive into NYC (not something I’ve done since) and the way I went in took me past blocks and blocks (miles?) of old cemeteries. They were jam-packed, something I wouldn’t have thought about – where do all the people in NYC end up – till I saw it. It was both creepy and fascinating. Might rival New Orleans.


  4. Sometimes, I find the idea of dying comforting. Something to take me away from this world of misery, pain and vanities. Hopefully, to one of never ending joy and pleasure. As long as it’s not “horrible”.


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