In Point of Fact…

Cambodia 061

“Doc, I don’t think you are going to be able to get it.”

I looked up from my search.

“Why is that?”

“Because I have to use one on my dick.”

“Well. That may pose a problem. I am not going to be using your penis.”

I searched for a few minutes.

There was a promising spot on his foot and after cleansing the area with alcohol, I pushed the needle into the vein then popped the vacutainer on. Blood. Dark red blood flowed.


I can still draw blood on difficult patients….

…but now he knows where to shoot up next.


40 thoughts on “In Point of Fact…

  1. LOL, addicts are amazing aren’t they? I know I should probably feel bad for them, but sometimes I am simple bedazzled by their ingenuity. You have to made of tough stuff to visit some of the dark places they visit. Life can really suck sometimes, but whoah, way to make it even more painful and embarrassing. There’s almost an artistry to this horror you’re inflicting upon yourself.

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  2. Oh my, that’s a new one for me. Luckily I never had to draw blood from that site! But I did get awfully good at drawing blood considering I had to do it on babies (including preemies) and kids. Always made me sad though. No fun making a child cry. 😦


      • Because of Pebbles’ mommy’s addiction, Pebbles was exposed to Hep C in utero, which required a few blood draws to determine if she had contracted the virus. Thankfully she did not. But the first blood draw at 6 months was extremely traumatic. After trying both wrists and one ankle the nurse finally had success with the one ankle she had left. I do have to admit that I was likely far more traumatized than Pebbles, who was good to go once it was over. It took me a bit longer.


  3. Yowza. I’m so glad I never worked in Lab accessions, even when they offered to train me that one time.

    I have wonderful prominent veins, but the one that usually looks best is a little shy and runs away from needles. I’m forever pointing venipuncturists to the other arm. “But you’re right handed!” I know, but it’s easier to get, and if you’re not completely ham-handed, I won’t even bruise.


  4. It’ll be interesting to see if he resorts to shooting up in his penis.. I’m sure he believes he needs the drugs more than anything, but your penis?! Just the thought alone makes me want to run and hide behind something..


  5. “Some of my nicest patients, this fellow included, are addicts. It is not that they are bad people. The drugs are bad. They make good people do bad things…” I love the way you see the good in people. Such a great quote and one more should be hearing.

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  6. I think ex-drug users could make the best phlebotomists…In my profession sometimes to the difficult veins you had to add the strange beliefs of the patients…I hope that vein stays good for a while…and he stops using…


  7. Well written. This reminds me of drawing blood during residency. IV drug addict indicates an unlikely spot on the back of his upper arm and says, “Try Baby. Baby always pays.” Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I think. 😉


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