Thank God for gas warning lights because apparently I cannot be bothered by such trivialities as getting gas…

And thank heavens it provides a nice buffer because if I am going to have the light go on, it will be at the point in my commute that is THE farthest away from a gas station.


26 thoughts on “Trivialities

  1. You’ve reminded me that the gas gauge in my former car (may it rest in hell), didn’t work. I had a system where I kept track of miles driven vs expected MPG, to figure out when I should get gas. It was not entirely FOOL-proof.

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  2. I used to live where my gas tank held exactly some number of round trips to work. I took it as a challenge to complete that last round trip before the end of the tank. It added a little excitement to an otherwise boring commute.

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  3. I seem to have the same problem. Unfortunately, I haven’t had this new car long enough to know just how much time the gas light lasts for… But for me, it always seems to come on in the morning when I am already running late and don’t have time to stop!

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  4. i once had the E light come on just as I was at the end of the LIE, entering the midtown tunnel, and of course theres no gas stations in NYC not to mention it took 30 mins of crawling through the city to reach the Lincoln tunnel. But i managed to get through and load up on gas somewhere in hoboken nj right away lol

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