Camping/Hiking Tips


Camping is a great way to remind your kids how good they have it. We like to go without toys, TV, and electronic devices (except for mommy’s smart phone in case of a late night blogging emergency).

The kids are old enough that we can have an awful lot of fun now, but I have learned a few lessons that I am going to write down here so I can remember them later:

1. Hiking IS better when you wear a pink tiara and a matching necklace. In fact, everything is better. Hot dogs. Marshmallows. Peeing in the woods.

2. What ever you do, watch where your feet are going very carefully. Do NOT get injured if hiking with your kids…they will probably just leave you for dead.

3. If you let kids scream long enough, eventually they figure out how to make their own fun.

4. You have to let the daddy-long-leg spiders crawl all over you multiple times before kids will believe that they really are harmless. This is crucial if you are camping in a forest infested with daddy-long-legs. Whatever you do, do not flinch under any circumstance or you will have to start all over again with the crawling desensitization training.

5. Don’t argue with a four year old about catching grasshoppers. If he wants a grasshopper, just catch a dang grasshopper. It takes much less time and energy to just catch one than it does to have to deal with the crying, wailing, and repeated accusations of abandonment for the next several hours.

Next time, I will have to remember that first aid kit, though. Yikes.


40 thoughts on “Camping/Hiking Tips

  1. “Except for mummy’s smartphone ——-”
    I loved that bit πŸ™‚
    Oh gosh but but number four!! I must say, spiders scare the living daylights out of me, and I admire those who can let them crawl all over them. (Slightly going off on a tangent here but oh well) I remember a time when I was in Year 6 and we were sitting in music, surrounded by instruments and whatnot, and this little dude came crawling out of nowhere (I never went near that xylophone ever again) and so many of my peers were all “TEACHER, CAN I TAKE IT OUTSIDE!!”

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  2. I love this – my 4-year old has been asking lately to go camping. I’m not sure where she is getting it from because neither I nor her Dad camp. But, that being said, I would really like to – minus the crawling spiders bit. Major arachnophobe over here!

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  3. I never had to let a spider walk on me, but I did find myself reassuring my kids that yes, mommy would get that nasty spider that’s climbing all over the wall. (And I don’t think they ever knew that mommy was absolutely terrified of spiders, especially those big fat black bitey ones. Sometimes it was really hard for mommy to keep her own scream inside her mouth.)

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  4. I won’t even acknowledge the spidery-issues. :p
    However, kids-schmidge, camping-schmamping, a tiara, and a PINK one to boot with matching accessories, is a life saver for every adult (not being sexually biased here) in ALL circumstances. Horrid work presentation to give? Pink tiara! Waiting in line to speak to someone about food stamps? Pink tiara! Explaining to the cop why it was *necessary* to be driving 80 mph? Pink tiara! Name one situation that it doesn’t fix.

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  5. Just got back from camper-vanning for the first time. Loved it. Two of the camp receptionists on Halloween had tiaras and sashes on over bloody looking costumes and there was one superhero. So we were feeling very safe that night! Nice to see adults dressing up.

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