The Buddy System


“Soooo, Steph (not my real name), this is a fantastic offer. I can see that you are ready to join our team so I will have legal draw up the official contract.” He pushed back a wisp of thinning dyed black hair from his face and then flicked his head like a Valley Girl for good measure. The man was in his late sixties for crying out loud.

(Why do these guys all dye their hair black?!???!)

Mister Trout (not his real name), I look forward to having my attorney review it, thank you.”

I started packing my belongings into my red leather tote.

Earlier he had been asking odd questions, trying to get into my head. He was one of those fellows that fancied himself smarter than me. Maybe he was. But his use of my first name in a professional setting was odd, particularly as myself and others around him kept referring to him as Mr. Trout and me as Dr. So-and-so.

Not that I am one of those people that insists on the title. Typically people ask me first if it is OK to use my first name and I am cool with it. Here, though, it was awkward, like when a patient speaks to me using my first name when I don’t know them socially outside the clinic.

Hell. He wasn’t even using my real first name. It was an adulteration.

“I will be at my vacation home in Florida for the weekend, Steph, so if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me when I get back.” He uncrossed his legs and stood up.

(Really. Was the mention of the vacation home even necessary?)

Three weeks later, I finally got that contract from legal. Twenty eight pages of it.

That was the second job I turned down.


56 thoughts on “The Buddy System

  1. Yuck–to all of that! Working in contracts, various negotiators use different tactics. I greatly prefer working with those straightforward about their needs, desires and expectations to those who resort to subtle belittling in an effort to put themselves in a superior position. No, thanks!

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  2. So I have to wonder how these two “leaders” would have behaved if you were a male physician seeking these posts…because, well…you realize that even in 2014 for some men, you should continue to be marginalized because of your sex, and because you have the audacity to be a woman practicing in a traditional androcentric profession.

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  3. I’m surprised he didn’t show you his college transcript, and SAT score. Lol. I often laugh, when people feel the need to randomly reference things they think will impress me.

    Me: I was wondering, did you finish Call of Duty yet?

    Them: I actually spent a weekend at George Clooney’s house three years ago, because he went to school with my dad. Yeah, we have a pretty good relationship.

    Me: So, I’ll take that as a no then.

    Funny post

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