“Sorry I have been unreachable for a few weeks. I had some,” she leaned in conspiratorially, “elective facial surgery… if you catch my drift.” She winked at me. Sort of.

(What do I say? What do I say? What do I say??!!?!!??)

“Hey, that looks great! Way to use your worker’s comp time off for your ankle sprain…”

She beamed.

That was the third job I turned down.


46 thoughts on “Eraser

  1. :::puts head down on desk and slaps the desk top with right hand and laughs::: You can’t make this stuff up.

    You know my current work situation. A few years ago a friend and I came up with our own meme. Some stupid (horrible, incompetent, adjective of choice) thing will happen to us during the daily routine of doing business, and in the whining and retelling we’ll exclaim, “And *these* people have jobs!” The little series you are doing is fitting that meme to a T.

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  2. I work at a psych hospital and it amazes me what people can claim workers comp for. My favorites are a toss up between the woman who was poked in the eye while watering her plant, and the guy who pulled a muscle whilst using the toilet.

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    • I had a staff member who went out on disability for two months. We were not allowed to ask why. Meanwhile, on her Facebook she was posting about shopping and visiting friends. Turns out during that time she was also requestiing and interviewing for a transfer to another clinic in the system. We were not allowed to tell them what she was doing or mention her disability leave. Messed up system….

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  3. This reminds me of a recent discussion with my dad, who is about to retire early because he simply wants to spend more time with the family and enjoy life.

    “People who abuse the system have no issues on their journey abusing it. However, for those in dire need of assistance, they must jump through hoops and are still rejected.” Lol.

    I would make an anonymous call to her employer. HaHa

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