Eating Candy Like It’s Medicine


“Doc, I don’t take that multivitamin anymore.”

“Oh really?” I cocked a single eyebrow inquisitively as I typed the statement into the computer system. “Are you taking your vitamin D then?” I looked up, pausing expectantly.

The woman sitting on the exam table grinned at me sheepishly.

“Well…. sort of.” She took a deep breath and then barreled on. “I will tell you what I do. Every evening after dinner, I have a little treat for myself. I eat a handful of gummies. Gummy multivitamins. Gummy fiber. Gummy vitamin D. Gummy omega 3’s.”

I won’t lie. My heart soared! You see, I have a little secret myself…

Every evening after dinner, when the kids aren’t looking, I sneak into the kitchen and grab my dessert: Two of the most delicious squares of gummy goodness I have ever had the privilege of chewing up. I look forward to those tasty little bites all day long.

Heck, they are multivitamins, so I am really just doing it for my health, you know?

For years I used to scoff at those who chose gummies over “real” pills.


Learn to swallow a gosh darn pill like the rest of us…

Then, I tried one. OMG. They are tiny delicious squares of fruit flavored crack!

So now I know. If all of our meds were as tasty as these dang gummies, NO ONE would be skipping their cholesterol meds or blood pressure medication or birth control. Ever. And parents, our kids would literally beg for their medicine. No more pinning down screaming, kicking munchkins and force feeding them yucky tasting syrupy crap!

Pharmaceutical companies, are you listening?!??!? Yeah, I’m talking to you!


82 thoughts on “Eating Candy Like It’s Medicine

  1. I just discovered very good remedies for diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, etc. They are raw onions and prunes. One month of using them reduced sugar from 132 to 92. I did not take other tests yet as I am afraid that our wonderful family doctor might lose a couple of patients, πŸ˜‰ .

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I think the song – ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down’ is probably very valid. It is not children that may not want to take their pills, my mother in her 90’s would get a little uppity when faced with the several that she had to take – so I would give her a bowl of chocolate icecream with a cookie crumbled over the top along with powdered medication – she never knew but always cleaned her plate to the last crumb…. nice one Doc….

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  3. I’ve often wished that my atorvastatin was in gummy form, but then I’d be tempted to eat more than one. So, it’s a good thing that at least it’s a small unassuming pill. Ha! But yeah, I could easily eat a handful of the multivitamin and C ones.

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  4. Cool, I now have a written statement from a physician that I can stop looking wistfully at the gummy vitamins as I pass them in the store and just pick up a bottle! And I like the nudge about pharmaceutical companies, or, you can keep the idea for yourself (:

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  5. Lol! Glad I’m not alone. It started when I was a kid, sneaking and overdosing on those Flintstones kids multivitamins. They were good for you right?…even if my parents insisted on just one a day. So now I’m grown and they have my favourite candy, gummies, as vitamins?! I’m in heaven….minus how expensive they are. That is the only thing that turns me off of them…that and how little actual “vitamin” they contain. I figure it’s best I don’t OD on them anyway. *shrug*

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    • Spider-Man multivitamins work for me. Now about the Fiber gummies? Really good. I hate taking the 1200 calcium in horse-pill size. But too much sugar in the calcium gumdrops. Now we found some calcium discs. Not too bad. The calcium chocolate caramels are really bad for my dentals that I have left. The D is so small; cranberry slips down. Melatonin 10mg in fast-dissolve strawberry. Yummy Gummy! and others.


  6. I could not trust myself to not eat the entire gummy supply in one day! πŸ™‚ I stick to the bulky dry hard multivitamins. A gluten for punishment. At least I know when I have had one. I am sure not in a rush to have an extra.

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  7. I am still laughing – I see you noticed my chocolate post! We apparently are thinking along the same lines! As for this post – if the medicine were made to taste like chocolate – I would be overdosing, so maybe it is not such a good idea!!!

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