“And then I realized that I could not move! Not at all. There were bright lights. Flashing. Then red. They did things to me…. terrible things!” The woman’s voice echoed, hollow, emotionless.

Fear hung in the staleness of the momentary silence.

I peeked out.

The room was dark. I was relieved. Still, at any moment they could come for me.

I curled up as small as possible, making sure no bits of limb were visible. I hugged my teddy bear close. If I had to go, I wanted him to go with me. I covered my head with the sheets, lifting a tiny bit of the edge for a few seconds only when the need for oxygen overwhelmed my fear of them.

A man’s voice now. “They had these eyes…. I can never forget those eyes. They put this tiny chip in my tooth.” A faint clink as it clattered onto an unseen table. Then there was a sob. The man was crying.

My heart raced.

I peeked out again.

There it was! A light coming, flashing across the room! Bright white, then red.

Oh dear, sweet Jesus. Help me!

I froze, holding my breath until my chest burned and I could hold it no more. Then everything went black.

The next morning I opened my eyes to sunlight streaming in through my window and birds singing.


I managed once again to fall asleep before the aliens got to me. Someday… someday my father will stop watching those terrifying TV shows in the night.


49 thoughts on “Abduction

  1. I don’t like hearing disturbing sounds from films my husband is watching late at night in our family room either, even now. I think the only thing I remember my parents watching after I went to bed was
    ” Dragnet” which was not scary. I just always heard the theme music and then Joe Friday saying something…

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  2. At first I thought you where relating the story of a disturbed patient! I think that people who look for conspiracies often are unable to deal with the complex and messy world in which we live so, to make sense of the complexity they create aliens to explain things. Everything is the aliens fault or, alternatively the aliens will save us from ourselves. All conspiracy theories are, at bottom an attempt to push the blame for something (take your pick for what that something is, onto someone else. So Nazis blame Jews while UFO conspiracy theorists say “the state” is covering up UFO landings. Both groups are a little crazy. However the UFO conspiracy theorists are, on the whole harmless while the antisemites are positively dangerous.

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    • I spent most of my childhood terrified of alien abduction in the night. I did not know if aliens even existed but these people sure believed in what they had experienced and that was enough for me.


  3. I remember the same feelings…..if only it had been a show. I have to tell the story of my strange spectre. A nice thick doona was the only safety back then! I wish I’d had a teddy bear…. thought I was too grown up! Phooeey!! 😨

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