For Effect…


My son sat in the backseat, happily telling me about his triumphant day. It was a good thing he was strapped in or he would have been climbing on the roof of the car. I kept reminding him to use his indoor voice while mommy was driving.

“You know what I am going to say when I die, Mom?”

We were coming home from school and work. It had been a long hard day for me. I just wanted some peace and quiet.

I sighed.

“No, baby. What are you going to say?”

He giggled. “THE END!” Then he emphasized it using a dramatic “Dun, dun, DUN!” for effect.

And so ended the bad day…

(He has started reading. The books in the series from his teacher all close with “THE END!” which he thinks is terribly funny. Now I know why…)


46 thoughts on “For Effect…

  1. LOL, that’s really cute. I find that funny too, “the end” at the end of books. Like no kidding, I’m not reading the thing backwards. I also remember running out of pages before the story ends. What’s with that? If I think you aren’t finished, you aren’t finished! We don’t need endless sequels, we just need you to finish the first story. πŸ˜‰

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