Receiving Joy

Cambodia 492

“How many children do you have?” he asked as we rounded a corner. I held onto my hat, wishing that I had a helmet instead.

“None!” I shouted over the rumbling of the motor, my words carried away by the cool morning air as it whipped hair into my face.

“That’s a lot!”

I thought he was being sarcastic.

He thought I had said NINE. I figured it out when he asked their names…

We were on the way to Angkor Wat just after sunrise and I was clinging to the seat of the moped trying not to fall off. I was taking a break from the villages and arsenic and sickness and poverty.

What does this have to do with Thanksgiving, you ask?

I have always hated this holiday. I do. It reminds me of how much everyone in my family hates each other. I find it hard to be joyful, even though I have a ton to be thankful for.

BUT that trip to Cambodia… When I got a glimpse of extreme human suffering and saw that there can still be JOY in hearts and laughter on faces and kindness, something like a bit of family friction gets put into perspective.

So on this day may you all be reminded of your blessings as I am.


58 thoughts on “Receiving Joy

  1. Is any family perfect? We make do with what we have rather that be family, close friends or even strangers who happen into our lives. Expectations often make for worse days than simply saying thanks for the small moments and the new friendships we find 🙂

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  2. Join the crowd, doctor. Every family has similar dramas and just a different surname…and family still is the best formative institution to be part of.
    I share the feeling of holidays like this one when put into perspective against other parts of the world. And count my blessings every day!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you…your family is lucky to have you! We are!

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  3. Every day, I am grateful for the family that I have. I only realized last night that my mother gave me a very good childhood despite suffering through a bad marriage (of which her kids were blissfully unaware). I only wish she was still here so that I could tell her that in person.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Victo!

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you, VD. All families have issues! This year I survived the 4 different diet preferences of the folks who come here for the big day every year. Carnivore, vegan, vegetarian/lactose intolerant and fish eating veggie. Normally, I try to do something wonderful, new and fancy to accommodate. This year I didn’t. Everybody had plenty to eat and I didn’t become a total bitch. And I’ve been sitting for the last hour with my feet up.

    It’s the little things I’m grateful for!

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  5. I hope time with little “ninja” and the little sibling of “baby Jesus,” was a wonderful one. As horrible as the American holiday happens to be, what it means for generations today is purely about togetherness. All the best for the remainder of the week.

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