I have needed to do this post for awhile now (I HATE housework and prefer to pretend that it does not exist) so today is the day that I am biting the bullet so to speak and getting it done…

First, if I have been following you and all of a sudden appear to no longer be following you or you thought I was following you and all of a sudden you got a notice that I was following you again, I blame my iPhone. I have somehow inadvertently unfollowed blogs. I *think* it has happened by scrolling through my feed if my finger happens to alight on the exact wrong spot. So as I find you I will/have remedied this…

Second, I have another blog. Some you know about, some do not. Here is the link to Victo Dolore if you are curious.

I started the story years ago and have added to it as time allowed. Victorian medicine, particularly as it pertains to women, had been a bit of a hobby for me. So has pain and suffering (Don’t overthink that statement, please!). I had the realization almost a year ago that I was not ever going to finish the story and become some fantastically rich and famous authoress from it. I don’t have time and I am probably not as good at writing as I like to think I am.

So I started posting it in blog format. That way, since it is free, it wouldn’t bother me so much as it would if people paid money to read it and did not end up enjoying it…

That blog was actually my first and when I realized I had more words and things to say that did not fit that genre, I started this one. Behind The White Coat has been so much fun that I have neglected the other blog. Victorian medicine and life requires a fantastic amount of time for research whereas posts on this blog are generally quick and easy.

But Victo Dolore still pulls at me.

So I said all of that to say this: I am going to keep posting here on weekdays and then on weekends will try to do a post on Victo Dolore.

Don’t feel like you have to race over there and follow it, though. I will still love you even if you don’t, as the story is definitely not for everyone.


57 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. I completely misunderstood where this post was going. When you said that you don’t like housekeeping I interpreted it as meaning housework! I am lazy as regards housework and must confess to paying someone to do cleaning and ironing on my behalf – I work hard, (well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it, come hell or high water)! I am bad at blogkeeping (oops I think I’ve just invented a completely new word). I have lots of old posts, for example about book promotions, which have passed and should be deleted. Maybe I will get around to doing something about them this weekend.

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      • I like reading fiction. But I’ve learned that writing historical fiction is tough to accomplish because:

        1) You’re not actually experiencing and living in that location, era, and society
        2) The details that are easily accessed through just seeing with your two eyes are not available
        3) It’s hard to suspend disbelief and make your story believable because you’re not seeing daily details with your two eyes and you’re not living and experiencing that place and era.

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  2. Don’t mind those “followings”. Every week there is somebody who (I know ) follows me, but then suddenly starts to follow me again. I think that people themselves are not aware of this wordpress glitch.
    Your stories are good and I would pay for reading them, I mean, I would sure buy a book if you write one. And I would buy a few more for gifts too :). All of your followers would. Keep writing.

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  3. Just today I looked around my house and having been buried under mountains of snow and getting said mountains moved, I realize today how my house is calling to be cleaned. I’m right there with you, Doc. I do NOT like cleaning. It is boring. It is hard work. And it is the most unfulfilling job in the world because nothing stays clean. I also have NO idea how you are a Mom, a Doc running a clinic, and blogging. HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? I thought I had several personalities, more so then most, that is until I met you! LOL Good luck on the house cleaning. And I hope you didn’t unfollow me. I really enjoy seeing your avatar over at Petals. GRIN! (((HUGS))) Amy

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  4. It sounds great. But can I make a suggestion? Do a separate page with links to all chapters in order. That way folks starting now can start at the beginning and read in the order they are supposed to.

    I have lots of blogger buddies who have pieces of books out. But I often lose interest — not in the story but in trying to find the damn pieces!

    I just finished The Yard — which takes place in Victorian England. I love the genre!

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  5. I too thought of housework as in the get down on your knees and scrub kind of housekeeping. Who does that nowadays? I thought of mine that needs doing. Then I realised you meant something else. Sigh of relief that I don’t have to bother about mine for the moment. πŸ™‚
    I look forward to reading your story from the beginning. I think writing is such a solitary pursuit that the interaction of blogging is a welcome distraction. Completely understand. Good things take time. You may publish it yet.

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  6. Well, I’m a follower of Victo dolore and I’m loving it. So much so, that when I’ve checked for a new chapter and find none, I feel like telling you to hop to it!
    Oh, wait: I think I actually did that. some people are SO rude….

    Good work, and I am VERY interested.

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  7. I’ve also experienced the WordPress glitches, and recently noticed that – without my being aware – WP had ‘unfollowed’ some of my favourite sites! So, I’m trying to get back on track πŸ˜‰ I love your writing, so I will look into your other site. And…generally speaking, I like housework too πŸ™‚
    Best wishes,

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  8. I follow your other blog and I plan on reading the shebang. I was planning on doing this sooner but I have friends and aquantences that also write and so I’ve ended up with a reading list that only gets bigger. And I’m a slow reader. But I will read your book.

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  10. That happens to me every so often, namely with InsanityBytes and Heartbeat. WordPress should create something where it says upon clicking, “Are you sure you want to follow/unfollow.” I find myself scrolling tags, and somehow I am following a user or tag. LoL

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  11. Oh my, you have to check out a podcast named “Sawbones”. They talk about “ole-timey” medicine each week. It’s very funny, but very informative. So many uses for mercury back in the day! Yikes!
    I have checked out your other blog. Very nice, doctor πŸ™‚ I will follow that too!

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