A Little Honesty for Tuesday

I get asked quite a bit, “How do you DO it?!?!?”

Let me be frank, people. I am not special. Not superhuman supermom. Not even hardly.

First, I have OCD. Yes. Most bloggers have mental health issues. I am one of them, it seems. You want your doctor to have OCD, trust me. It is just that it is hard to turn it off in the other parts of my life…

I also do not sleep much. It isn’t that I don’t like sleep. I do. I really, really do. It just does not like me most days. Or rather nights.

Also, I have to confess that I have a housekeeper. Once a week (or twice if I am terribly lucky) she comes to clean the floors and do the laundry and change out the sheets. If she didn’t come, none of that stuff would ever get done. Ever. Even if I were not blogging. Seriously. I will have to work until the day I die just so I can have a clean house.

However, lest you think my life is all glamorous and sexy with a housekeeper and a life of comparable leisure: Sunday, I spent the entire day in my jammies with the saggy bottoms. The same jammies I wore the day before. I didn’t shower. Or brush my hair or brush my teeth. No make-up. I baked the weekly sourdough bread for the family (probably best not to ask how it got sour), fed and watered the kids, and then wrote/blogged during bathroom breaks.

Where do you write/blog you ask? Here:

No joke. There is a lock on the door.

And it only looks THIS good because the housekeeper cleaned it on Friday. (I love, love, love her!) The other place I write is when I am holding one kiddo’s hand or the other as they drift off to sleep at bedtime. My smartphone helped me keep my sanity when I was breastfeeding and it keeps me sane during handholding now. Thank you, Apple. Thank you.

So, there you have it, folks. A glimpse into my very human existence…


93 thoughts on “A Little Honesty for Tuesday

  1. Lol…I do some of my best creative work in the crapper! Some go in there to s&$@ and stink, whereas I go in to sit and think! The shower is also a great place for those “eureka” moments for some reason. Somebody should do a study on that…


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  2. This post was so refreshing. I kept comparing myself as a young mom raising 3 girls, working a regular job, and having no blog – to you as Supermom, with your professional career and outstanding blog – and kept coming up short. Your honesty makes me feel like I wasn’t quite so bad after all. And yes, I used to hide in the bathroom too, as much as possible – which really wasn’t much with those 3 girls running around. (Maybe you could install a wine cooler in there? Or at least a Keurig?)

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  3. I’m amazed that you can blog from your phone (said in comments). Most bloggers have mental health issues? I can see pros/cons to an OCD MD. Con: “Um, Doc, that’s the third time you stuck that speculum in me, do we really need a fourth?”

    Frankly, anyone who doesn’t love you more from reading this post, is an a-hole (technical term). If there isn’t anything I can’t stand it is someone who perpetuates the “We can, should and do have it all and do it perfectly, and in high heels and backwards” myth.

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  4. I remember those kid (I had 2) days when the only sanity I felt I had was in the bathroom and that is where I could have some sort of uninterrupted reading time (large PHEW). I did not know about WordPress then, or cell phones, but the bathroom WAS sanctuary. A place to think and process.

    “Mom, are you EVER coming out?”

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh how familiar this sounds! I am also a fan of the “bathroom blogging,” and the “eat and blog,” (which is what I’m doing now). I really dislike the question, “how do you do it?” because I have no answer… I just do… I’m no better than anyone else and I have no secrets.

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  6. And besides writing a great blog, you answer EVERY comment! I still meditate in the bathroom and I have no one else living with me. Also, when I worked in IT, the morning shower often provided answers to sticky network and server issues! Who knew until now that I’m not the only weirdo in the world! Thanks.

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  7. Aaaah! This makes me feel so much better about the chasm between commenting when I want to and when I’m actually able! Most my reading/blogging happens while the little one is nursing these days. Occasionally I get moments like this (baby sleeping and I just DO NOT have job searching in me) where I get a little down with both hands. In my almost tidy house.

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  8. I love reading your posts! As a mom of 7 it is so refreshing to read some pure honesty from a fellow mom. Its not always easy but it’s always worth it. I love my kids as I can tell you do to, same with my job. I work with kids and am starting a photography business. You have to take what life gives you and roll with it, laugh it off and keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing and helping make that easier for us πŸ™‚

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  9. A-HA! So your secret is out! Guess what? I don’t care. Not a fig. About the OCD. It’s just a label, not YOU. We all have problems and just because you are a doc, doesn’t exclude you. LOL Welcome to the human race! I agree with Cindy … you need more then flowers in that bathroom! You need one of MINE!! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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  10. So many sighs here….you’ve destroyed the magic. The bathroom picture did it. Now every time I go in to a public bathroom and someone is in there on their phone I’m going to wonder if they are blogging. At least seeing as how you are OCD I can count on you sanitizing your hands and phone religiously. Right? Right? Because…you know those germs would transfer via this blog. Right? It works like that. I just know it does.

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  11. What mental health issues I have are the result of 31 years of teaching. At least that’s what I choose to blame them on. One has to be a little bit crazy to start with, I suppose, to do that for 31 years. I’m definitely not technologically advanced enough to blog on my cell phone in the bathroom or anywhere else for that matter. So I plug along on my desktop primarily because the screen is big enough for the me to see it well and the keys are big enough that I don’t have to keep backing up and fixing the mistakes I make by touching those freakin’ small letters on the phone’s keyboard. I enjoyed your story; you always make me chuckle at least at time or two.
    Hugs, N πŸ™‚

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      • I started teaching in 1968 and was at Alvarado High School for four years before I quit for two when I had my child. Then I started teaching again at the middle school in Burleson in 1974 and was there for two years. In 1976 I moved to the high school and was there for the remaining 25 years of my career. I retired in 2001. You are very sweet to describe my blog as beautiful. I always wanted to be a writer and/or an artist. So it is a way to express that need, but I’m not all that accomplished at either I fear. But I am glad I don’t appear to be crazy! Hee hee! πŸ™‚

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    • LOL! I always tell my younger friends the reason old people don’t text is because we can’t see the freakin’ small letters on cell phones. Then I tell them, “Don’t laugh. You’ll be old soon enough. Then you’ll know. Then you’ll know.”
      ~ Mai

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  12. Oh, I remember the days when little kids would follow me into the bathroom. Now it seems cats want to follow me in, and the kids stand outside the door and ask for the car keys. LOL! I love your bathroom, and especially in black & white. πŸ™‚

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  14. Someday these techs are finally going to come up with an easy to use and technically-reliable voice-activated computer, tabletop, lap-top, or otherwise, and free our hands up once and for all. But in the meantime, if Darwin was right, shouldn’t human-kind have started developing at least two or three extra sets of hands by now? I mean, how long does this evolution business take anyway? Lol.

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  15. First, I have OCD. Yes. Most bloggers have mental health issues. I am one of them, it seems. You want your doctor to have OCD, trust me.

    I completely agree about OCD. It does improve efficiency and productivity. My wife and I both have it. She plans weeks ahead. I labor over finances and blogging. Makes life interesting. Work expands to fill the time available.

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