The Right Now Spirit

“Doc. Your friends are always calling the office acting ugly, demanding that we work them in right then or they will tell you.”

“Wait. Who? Who’s doing that?”

They told me.

“They are not my friend.”

“Well, they say you are.”

“I know them but I do not see them socially. We are not ‘friends.'”

“Well. How do we know if it is someone you really are friends with or not?”

“Easy. My real friends would never behave that way.”


43 thoughts on “The Right Now Spirit

  1. Heh. Yep, had that one at the podiatrist’s. ๐Ÿ™‚ People, eh? “Hey doc, your good friend Whose-It wants to know if you can squeeze him in before closing.” “Who?” “Whose-It. Says you are besties.” “Who?” ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • There is a subset of people who really love being associated somehow with a doctor. And they are not afraid to use it. I do have a handful of really great friends but I have learned over the years to guard my life and my heart.

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  2. My next door neighbor is a dentist but not MY dentist (for no reason other than I have had my dentist longer than I have had my neighbor as a friend). We are friends and go out socially. I would have to be on my dying bed to ask his advice or for him to fix something. It would just be so wrong. Some people don’t have boundaries (or else I am a subset of folks who are truly weird!).

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  3. Boundaries
    You’ve just been introduced as a doctor at a party to an inebriated person.
    Inebriated person: [Slurring while waving the hand in question into your face, a half empty glass in the other] I’ve got this spot on the back of my hand……do you think it’s cancer?

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  4. Hello Miss,
    Please pardon my uninvited intrusion. I’m not seeking ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers.’ You can even delete this comment if you wish, I shan’t be offended. I simply wanted you to know that I’ve been moved by some of the things you’ve written. I’m sure you can guess which post of yours garnered my initial attention. Tis not often that I feel such affinity for a physician. I’m sorry that I’ve perused your site numerous times without so much as a ‘Hello.’ I’m new here and am not quite sure of the customs and courtesies of wordpress, but I am sure that good manners are always appropriate. So, with that in mind, I wish to say how very much I appreciate you and the heart your writing comes from.
    Kindest Thoughts,

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  5. That’s why it’s a blessing being inconsequential like me. A friend borrowed my car once and when he got pulled over for speeding, he figured since he already had my insurance in the glove-box, he’d bluff the officer by using my name. He realized that was a bad plan when the officer hauled min in for unpaid tickets. Lol.

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