Insert Exasperated Eye Roll Here

For doctors, the most frustrating thing about starting a new year is having to shred all of those handwritten controlled substance prescriptions that we accidentally wrote “2014” on instead of “2015”.

Oops, I did it again? Damn.


75 thoughts on “Insert Exasperated Eye Roll Here

  1. It’s a good thing I bank online these days and don’t still write personal checks by hand. It used to take me until March before I started putting the correct year on those checks. I can’t tell you how many misdated checks I had to shred.

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  2. A doctor once told me they have to account for each RX on the controlled substance prescription pad if they get investigated. He said they were numbered for just that reason.

    Jeez — you can’t believe ANYbody anymore!

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  3. LOL… you slay me. Every time i think of a comment to this one, i realize that it would… well it wouldn’t make for a very pristine “online footprint.” Wouldn’t want to lose my security clearance over a sassy reply. LOL. 😈

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  5. From that “absolutely perfect in every way” I think I detect a Mary Poppins fan. Of course Mary was very humble, and thus she was only “practically” perfect in every way. But since you’re a doctor, I guess we’ll accept absolutely. Lol.


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  7. Oh yes, and the sick notes and other things. Fortunately even our controlled drugs prescriptions are printed now! Nobody can read my handwriting anyway. Not even I can.Pharmacists used to phone me…Now when I go to visit a housebound patient, I guess what I might prescribe before and print it. If it is wrong, I destry it and handwrite something else. But it is usually right. Patients give me funny looks. I come, listen to their chest, and say ” You have a chest infection- here is an antibiotic” and give them a preprinted script from my pocket!

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