Passing Through The Red Door


Almost every woman I know has a tale of terror and woe associated with starting their period. Yikes.

So in the spirit of having a good laugh over our womanly woes (gentlemen, you have permission just this once to laugh with us) I have included two of the most awesome feminine product commercials I have ever seen. Enjoy!

Camp Gyno

First Moon Party


105 thoughts on “Passing Through The Red Door

  1. You are my hero! These were great tension breakers this afternoon! And I’m sharing the love; I forwarded a link to my two youngest daughters. They’re both adults now but they each of a daughter of their own who will one day need to see these! Bwahahahaha!

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  2. Oh doctor, doctor. you do know how to generate comments and witty remarks from your readers. These videos are too funny and should be a must see for girls.

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here among your readers since the monthly cycles worries have long been behind me.I hated the dang things- such a nuisance. That is the only thing about getting old that is a positive perk.

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  4. I sometimes ponder on how difficult it must have been for women in the 19th century, before the invention of sanitary towels etc. also, until quite recently many parents wouldn’t discuss such matters with their daughters leaving the poor girls confused when their first period began.

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    • Happened to me. Awful experience. I tell parents to make sure their daughters have emergency packs in their bags/lockers at school and emphasize how cool this transition really is… Getting to have the power to create life. 🙂


  5. The first one was good… The First Moon Party was To Die For. omg
    I so want to share this with everyone. Every where. At any time!
    This makes me want to have children (female) so I could throw a party. (Maybe it is good I had cats?)

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