I managed to survive the holidays with my sanity intact and was not simply relieved. Oh, no. I was dang proud of myself.

The decorations were all put away with care. The paper chains had been thoroughly destroyed by pretend Ninja Turtles. And the stupid prelit Christmas tree with the nonfunctional lower limbs was now safely residing at the dump.

I thought I was finally free of all of the Yuletide misery.

But no.

My kids still just want to listen to Christmas music during the thirty minute commute to school and then back home again: Rudolph. Santa’s Coming to Town. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. Some weird Elvis-sy rendition of White Christmas. And the list goes on.

It is listen to that over and over again or listen to two screaming kids for the total of an hour out of my day. Decisions, decisions.

Damn you jolly St. Nick.

Maybe the dinosaurs should attack and destroy the CDs….


70 thoughts on “Residue

  1. No wonder having kids causes gray hairs. Perhaps you could interest them in the next holiday. In the U.S.A it’s Martin Luther King’s birthday. So maybe you could teach them the song, “We Shall Overcome.”

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  2. Why not just sing along with the kids with your own words to the song. And remember to sing really badly off key. πŸ™‚ Couldn’t resist. Sorry.
    Rude Dolf the Sad knows Rainman,….
    Had a really whiny toad,….
    You could sing these songs till Easter. πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh I remember those days. I recommend a CD accident. Or a deadline. “Santa wants to know if you’re good when you’re NOT thinking about Christmas. So we need to stop playing the music and find out.”

    There was one tape that Jacob wanted on whenever we drove anywhere. Schooner Fare, a folk group from Maine that, fortunately, I love. I did turn it off when he fell asleep.

    When he was about 6, we went to a concert in a small venue, and met them back stage. I mentioned that Jacob and I had listened to their tape for 2 years and their eyes popped — not in a good way. More in a “I would have shot myself” manner.

    When he was asked what his favorite song was in nursery school, he responded “What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor.” I’m surprised I wasn’t arrested!

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  4. christmas songs/carols are still on my mind too. i can only take them so long but the rest of my family can’t get enough.

    but it’s given me the idea of compiling christmas songs i can tolerate and gifting it to my family this christmas. might even make everyone happy. i’m not looking forward to the actual research though.

    p.s. aren’t cd’s practically dinosaurs themselves?

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  5. This too shall pass. What is it with kids and repetition? When the girl was little it was Toy Story and The Lion King or The Land Before Time, which I get….and then there was her weird phase of Old Yeller. She watched, she cried and she watched again….hang in there!

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  6. I actually like Michael Buble’s Xmas cd only when it’s not the holiday time strangely lol Maybe they just like how the songs are cheery. You should play the grinch song that may get them to stop πŸ™‚

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  7. You wouldn’t want to ride with me. I sing Christmas songs at the tops of my lungs as I drive, most often with improvised horrible lyrics. The more awful ones get stuck in my head and I catch myself singing them in stores or out in my yard. My husband said the neighbors probably think I drink. People shouldn’t be so judgmental!

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  8. When my kids were small, “The Barter Fairy” would visit. (She’s The Tooth Fairy’s cousin.) Before they went to bed, they were to leave toys they didn’t want (or I didn’t want them to have) at the end of their bed, and in the morning a brand new toy would be in it’s place. Maybe The Barter Fairy would want your Christmas CD’s.

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