An Observation:

Bounce houses at children’s birthday parties are much like MMA cage fighting.

I should sell tickets to our next one to offset the ER costs…



58 thoughts on “An Observation:

  1. Kind of like trampolines. There are plenty of ER docs who’d like to see those banned. I suppose it only takes seeing one child paralyzed from the neck down after a neck injury to sour against them. (And I know of such a case. Very sad.)

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  2. I didn’t know what a bounce house or MMA cage fighting was. 😦 I guess I am the lucky one.
    I really like the graphic! At first I thought it was virus or something from under your microscope. lol I clicked on it and saw it up close. Really beautiful photo. πŸ™‚

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  3. I love John Callaghan’s trampoline description. My next-door neighbor has a huge trampoline and all the kids in the neighborhood go nuts on it, usually when no adults are anywhere in sight. I’m just waiting for someone to break an arm or a leg, but it didn’t happen last summer.

    I can’t understand why people think bounce houses are any safer – you still have bigger kids jumping on top of smaller kids.

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  4. And then there are always that one set of parents that don’t tie the bounce house down (or otherwise secure it) on a windy day to guarantee that blood will be shed.

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  5. It is interesting to hear about the world fom the perspective of a doctor – bounce houses never occurred to me as being dangerous – but i can sure see how they would. When my kids were about 11 and 13 they wanted a big trampoline- 10 feet across -and we agreed if they paid half (theyhad money from grandparents, aiunts and uncles who spoiled, etc). One of the rules was – no more than one person on it at a time. They were very good at obeying and enforcing the rules with friends and neighbors. The issue is the same as the bounce castle – moving inthree dimensions rather than 2 dimensions takes a lot of mistakes to learn. A jaw coming down as a head comes up can do a lot of damage. We had no issues and the trampoline was the best investment we made in terms of kids “toys”. The biggest advantage was that at a time that most teens are wandering further afield, ours brought their friends to our place instead. This allowed my wife and I to scope out the friends, see ineractions and weed out the bad friends who were users or bad news.\ (drug users, violent, etc) Mind you we paid the orice in grocery bills – but it was worth it.

    Bounce castles are obviously advertized as being more fun with more poeple and I can see where that would be a big problem.

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  6. I’d rather be in (or watch) a bouncy house than one of those MMA cage things, even if the bouncy house flies away as they’ve been known to do. Better yet, I’d rather be photographing dandelion bouquets. Fascinating photo!

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  7. Your daughter has great taste in flowers.
    We used to have jumping castles at the kids’ birthday parties when they were small and they were fabulous. Kept them all occupied and active and we had close parent supervision. We had a trampoline for a few years and no troubles as enforced the one person at a time rule.
    Some kids really do benefit from the bouncing action of a trampoline especially after having to be still in class all day but needs to be done safely.

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  8. I can almost guarantee that if I took any one of your readers out with me for just one season on the carnival there is a very good chance they would never go on another carnival ride in their life. (This was even more true 20 years ago before the government stopped the practice of hiring set-up crews in each town as we came to it.) In the 13 years I traveled, we never completed a season without multiple injuries, and at least one fatality.

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  9. We’ve had quite a few around here in TX that aren’t secured in the ground all that well and the rest is history – those poor kids have had some very rough times. Not a smart idea for a fun gathering.

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