A Whole Decade

I received a “gift” today.

My ten year service plaque.

Six months overdue.

Truthfully, I had given up hope. My staff gets their recognition for years of service, albeit late, from corporate. I have a couple of people who have been around for ten years themselves. I think they got crystal clocks? Meh.

I was told physicians never receive these types of things. Silly that I cared. I am not supposed to be in this for the recognition, right? Blah, blah, blah.

It didn’t even have my title or my degree on it.

Yes, it is worthless. I am going to probably toss it in a few days. I wish the amount of money they spent on the snazzy velvet box, plaque, and pin were just handed to me as cash. That would be a nice acknowledgement.

But I am proud, oddly. And sentemenal. I have survived. Stuck it out. For ten whole frickin’ years! I just wanted some acknowledgement of that fact, for someone to say, “Yes! We notice! Thanks for not bailing on us.”


94 thoughts on “A Whole Decade

  1. Sorry.
    Every five years, my “employer” gives out tiny ‘years in service’ pins.
    That only makes it worse…the reminder that I continue to waste my time doing something that is unappreciated.
    At least I get paid.

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  2. Ooh, you just gave me an idea for a future blog post. I hope you don’t mind if steal some of this. πŸ™‚ Yes, I certainly have my share of certificates and awards lying around, and I have no idea why I kept them. When I retired, I received about two months later yet another certificate. I still have it in the envelope. Sigh.

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  3. Congratulations. With all the frustrations we all face at our jobs, all those times when we want to quit … you didn’t.

    And especially for a doctor, VD. Changing doctors is really difficult, so think of your 10 years as being there for the patients, not for management!

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  4. For my five-year anniversary with my employer, a large accounting firm, I got an automatic email – “Congratulations! As a token of our appreciation, please pick out a gift from XXX website!”

    I picked out a nice decorative globe. Because I love globes.

    It arrived, with a chipper congratulatory note, two weeks after I got laid off.

    I laughed.

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  5. I got a five year service award and chose a bracelet for my ‘gift’ as there was nothing else I fancied. At ten years (and 7 months late), I was given a credit card and told to go shopping for a ‘gold watch’. The outlet worked backwards giving me a discount, so I bought a watch AND a gold ring. Then we were all made redundant (watch and ring still going!)

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  6. Rewards and recogniton are critical to having a happy and effective emloyees. Even when you know why it is being don e- it still feels good. Congrats n your 10 years of service Victo!

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  7. Congrats – even if it is 6 months late. People notice and appreciate but don’t often say so until it’s too late. My praise came as I took the early retirement package and headed for the door – suddenly they would do anything to keep me – too late chums!! So, you would rather have the cash – I took the last laugh!

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  8. Wow! I know that feeling. It appears you work in an area as economically and socially depressed as I do which SO makes it important that we know we are appreciated verses leaving. So speaking as someone you helped to rethink vaccinations, I appreciate you πŸ˜‡ as do your clients πŸ˜‡

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  9. I’ve never received a token of appreciation at a proper job. My husband got rank and coins in the military, and now he works in finance, where they give all the veterans square coins on Veteran’s Day. It’s odd, but nice, I suppose.
    I agree, cash incentives or gift cards would be preferable.
    I do love a velvet box. I just think a velvet box implies a gift of luxury…Sorry for you there.

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  10. It is sad today the ways that companies “show” their appreciation. Is the pretty velvet box big enough to make something else out of it? See this is why I have clutter everywhere, I just feel like they should have given you something that would make you happy.

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  11. I just recieved my fifteen year reward from work. All the people celebrating an anniversary go to a banquet, a high up supervisor says a nice little speech about you and pictures of you are projected on a big screen. You have to dress nice and the drinks are free. It is a lot of fun. Evrryone gets a bouquet of flowers and this year I got a pile of cash. For my ten year I got a really nice watch but I like the cash better. It is nice to be recognized.

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  12. Well, that sucks! 😦 If you’ll send me the name and address of your “corporate”, I’ll gladly write them a scathing letter telling them what morons they are not to step up to bat and pay the appropriate recognition for any person who has managed to stick it out for a decade, much less a fine physician such as yourself who truly cares about her patients. I’ll gladly let them know what a rare occurrence that actually is. I’m really sorry, but if it’s any consolation, I’m positive that your patients appreciate you more than you know. ❀ Happy ten years (plus six months).

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  13. Congratulations! I’m glad that you have been able to suck it up despite all the BS that has been dealt your way. It’s not easy being in the field of medicine. I’ve seen the frustration on some of the MDs faces where I worked. Being in a field where you are dedicated to serve human beings whether you like them or not or the settings and/or the staff that you must work with can be the absolute pitts. I feel your disappointment. But rise above above it and keep on being a really good doctor that cares.

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  14. Congrats on the ten year achievement!
    A better way for corporate to show recognition would be to reach out to your clients and have them all show up to a massive surprise party for You!

    (Now I’m off to go buy myself a plaque for being self employed 17yrs.)

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  15. Congratulations Doctor VD πŸ™‚
    I’m also sorry about the show of appreciation from the HQ. I see this is also the same just about everywhere in the (modern) world. But I sure hope your patients appreciate you, if you were my doctor, I certainly would! And you already know how much your writing/photography is appreciated by everyone πŸ™‚

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  16. When I retired they said a few nice words and later the chairman dropped by and gave me a nice looking little Carriage clock. Didn’t spell my name right and it stopped after two weeks and I took it to the supplier and he repaired it at my expense and it stopped after three days so I threw it away.

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  18. “Those whose work involves the manufacture of modern miracles are often relegated to that group of heroes least appreciated for what they do, first by those who employ their services in the performance of these miracles, since these employers might then have to admit their total lack of ability to perform these miracles themselves, and then by the beneficiaries of the miracles who have been brain-washed by the new cultural teachings that instill so deeply within so many once-noble hearts the corrupting notion of universal entitlement.”

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