Bits and Pieces


My daughter has systematically disassembled and destroyed my VD Day bouquet…

I took it home from the office last night because after a weekend of no extra watering it would not be much to look at when I got back on Monday. Sadly, I have learned this from experience.

There are petals, bits of stem, and wounded flowers scattered across the floor, trailing around the house. She is the Flower Fairy, casting spells and bestowing blessings with her “Valentine’s wand”, the glittery heart shaped Be Mine pick that was intermingled with the red ribbons in the red vase.

“Please, mommy? Pretty, pretty please?!?!! Can I have one of your pretty flowers? Please?”

She always goes for the daisies first. Then the roses. The tulips. The carnations. Anything pink. The daffodils. The lilies. Then everything else.

No flower is safe.

At first I struggled with it.

Please, please don’t destroy my pretty flowers!

They are mine, after all!

And yet…

What is really important to me? The flowers? Or her joy? What is beauty, what is joy, if it cannot be found in a flower, after all?

What I would have given as a kiddo to be able to tear off the petals of a gorgeous flower, to see how it was made… to feel the feathery lightness of a single petal in my hand… watch it fall to the floor…

…each one a whispered I love you.

So go ahead, sweetheart. Find your joy… I’ve already had mine.


81 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Ahhhhhh. Melts my heart! I feel bonded in sisterhood. That is how our little world in this part of Texas rollsπŸ˜‡ God Bless and you’ve already been blessed with creating and watching the joy of a precious little one.

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  2. How wonderful that a simple bouquet of flowers could bring so much joy to a child. I can just picture the Flower Fairy dancing around bestowing love on all. I think you were right to see the world through her little eyes and to let her enjoy your flowers.

    (And, of course, you can always get even once she grows up and gets bouquets of her own.)

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  3. I am struggling with this. I LOVE flowers…. but I get her Flower Fairy. I think I would get her some silk ones she can destroy, and leave the fresh ones alone…
    PS… what does she do in someone’s garden? I think I would probably be a bit perturbed if she went around cutting my booms….
    Maybe it is a good thing I do not have kids.

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  4. Beautiful. I love cranking up the music with my boys really loud and rockin’ out with them in the livingroom. They know it’s okay to be silly and let loose and just be. Thanks for this great post.

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  5. Maybe she’s destined to become some type of biologist and will go on to help solve the problem of feeding an exploding population and get a Nobel Prize and then you will remember this time forever and be so proud. So run out and buy her another bunch of flowers and tell her to pull them to bits as well and give her a sketch book and some pencils. But it is a nice thought.

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  6. You are a beautiful person, and my kind of mother. If you would like, I will find the best-looking bouquet I can, take the best picture of it that I can, add some of your favorite music, and then hide it behind a secret link that I will give only to you. You can then access it whenever you feel the urge, and it will be completely “flower-fairy” proof. πŸ˜‰

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  8. My cats do the very same thing. I never stopped to think perhaps they too are doing fairy magic. Hmmmm…… You’ve given me food for thought here today. Maybe I’ll just have to buy a bouquet of flowers next time I’m in the grocery store and bring them home, just to give my cats the pleasure of tearing them apart. LOL

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  9. Who doesn’t love pink flowers? Those who don’t probably are missing the gentle emotional touch of pink, and childhood is the best time to start loving pink!

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    • I have not been able to go so far as to allow scribbling on the floor or walls but you have a very valid point (And you are much braver than I Am!). Allowing them to help me cook and ending up with flour everywhere… I had to steel my nerves for that. The pay off in joy is much, much greater than the work of the cleanup! πŸ™‚

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