Leaving It Here


I try really hard to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Everyone except close relatives. Genetically speaking they are all screwed. I should mention that I include myself in that.

Truthfully, I don’t want to live in a world where people are not inherently good. That is just too depressing. Good people do bad things. They have bad days.

Every so often, though, I run across that one person who works so very hard to prove me wrong that it rattles my foundation. Come on, people! Give me something to work with. Is there even just one shred of decency in you that I can start from? I dare you to show it to me!

For crying out loud…

Do you hope that I will carry that wound around forever, bleeding just a little bit every day until I die from it? Well I won’t. I choose to leave it right here to rot on this page.

So there.


68 thoughts on “Leaving It Here

  1. A lot of people are more or less inherently good. There is true evil that exists, though. Of course I think there are genuinely stupid people too (and you don’t). While I, too, would much prefer a world where we are all inherently good (period); I’m too much of a pragmatist to believe it is so. Nonetheless, I too share that hope…and it has turned around and bitten me in the buttocks 90% of the time (which is why I’m that pragmatist).

    Yup, firmly cocooned in my plush Misanthropes Anon robe and matching bunny slippers, while sincerely applauding you leaving the wound on the page. Very…dare I say it?…pragmatic.

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  2. OMG, we just went through a terrible experience with someone at work! We were nice, gave her everthing and yet vemon came out of her mouth!
    My grandmother use to say: ” Di a kind act and forget it, di a bad act and remember it.” I say never loose a chance to meet someone you call a friend by not giving everyone the benefit of the daubt!
    There are nice people, kind people just not enough to notice. Let us be the example.

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  3. Good God man! I’m with you. I recently posted some blogs to reddit, and I got totally LAMBASTED. It shook me a little, but I realized that since I was so new, I didn’t fully understand it, and had been posting in the wrong forum. It made me feel a little better, anyways….but yeah, people are very brave when they can post anonymously….good post, btw…

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  4. LOL, “So there!” indeed. I wish i could follow your example. But as long as i am trying to get a different job, i have to watch my “online footprint.” Sadly. If i didn’t already have 2 novels and the blog serial story going at the same time, I’d do a serial about the evil at work… a dystopian soap opera of caricatures of the evil ones. Sigh… makes me smile just to imagine posting those. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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  5. I think there are more good people out there then there are bad people. Sometimes those bad people are really sick and the nastiness comes from their pain. You see a lot of sick people so you are bound to encounter some nasties. Hang in there VIcto.


  6. I am with you. I believe there is good in all of us, even the really rotten ones. We all come across them. I try to figure out what possibly could have made someone so nasty, mean, rotten or just horrible….. takes a lot of tolerance which I am still working on. Every day….working….hard work!!!! Not always getting it right either. Lololol.

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  7. “Mr. Finch, thereโ€™s just some kind of men you have to shoot before you can say hidy to โ€˜em. Even then, they ainโ€™t worth the bullet it takes to shoot โ€™em.”

    I don’t think anyone’s beyond redemption but there are just some people who make you wonder wth is wrong with them. Sometimes for your own sanity you just have to “shoot” them out of your life even though you know it’s not totally their fault…genes, environment, experiences… It’s just sad though, the whole thing, when you think about it…the damage we inflict on each other…where does it stop…? I think your approach is a good one: leave it here, don’t carry it around and let it turn you into a monster…

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  8. Always believed that there was a tragic reason for the ugliness; maybe pain or fear. Sometimes, it is just not worth exploring though; recognizing that you have to let some of them go and move on. Harper Lee said it better…”ain’t worth the bullet”.

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  10. For this reason, I CHOOSE to stay away from most “relatives”. People here on WP treat me better then my own family. I’m with you, Doc. The wounds I leave on this page with you. I CHOOSE not to keep picking the scab to make them bleed. I CHOOSE LOVE, and BEAUTY, and TRUTH, and PEACE. I CHOOSE RESPECT and HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT. Thus, IS my Life! You struck a chord! Can you tell? (((HUGS))) Amy

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  11. I think people are inherently bad so when they do good things it’s something to really celebrate! I love people but I put little faith in their goodness. We’re all selfish and blind to our own flaws. None of this means it doesn’t hurt when someone is a jerk to us. Sorry it happened to you.


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