A Few of My Favorite Things…

Snow in the trees

Having started with the meditating I have been able to recognize other things that give me that same peace and calm:

Sunshine on my face, especially with my eyes closed and birds singing and a cool glass of pinot grigio in my hand…

Deep blue skies with fluffy white clouds.

A hike in the woods.

Hugs or cuddles from my kids.

Snow. Especially thick snow. (Probably because I rarely ever get to see it and never have to shovel it…)

Beautiful art.

A lavender bath.

The scent of roses.

Certain music (Exactly what moves me always changes EXCEPT for Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. That is a constant.)

I knew they relaxed me. I knew I enjoyed them. I just never realized exactly how profound and healing they actually were. I need to get exposure to these things more often…


58 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. And those whiskers on kittens? Warm woolen mittens? When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things. Then I don’t feel so sad. The last few posts have had a bit of sadness. So nice to see the latest post. Can’t do the alcohol because of medications. The sun and my dermatologist: SPF 40?
    But I LUV HUGGS! And I am a hugger and a kisser. And I will never avoid an art gallery with a Monet or ANY Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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  2. I’m trying to gird my loins, and find some socks, for uncovering the car of mass quantities of snow. Then I will see if my flat-lander Mustang will have enough traction to back out of the driveway so I can’t get my prescriptions. I will get a bucket and mail you some of the white stuff. You can throw it around the foliage.

    I used to have a nice glass jar with slips of paper that contained things like your list. I kept it to do-able things, like “read something fun” instead of “jet to Dublin.” That was my treat jar. The rules of use varied. It was a good reminder to take care of myself in little, but meaningful, ways.

    What kind of meditation are you doing?

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      • There are so many kinds of meditation. I’m a big fan of “whatever works.” (And not just for meditation but for everything I can immediately think of.) When I started meditation I unfortunately landed in a branch of highly structured practice (like sit only “this” way, on “this”…). It took a while to learn that there were other methods. So cool you have an app! These new fangled thingies! I miss my meditation practice but I’ve been unable to do it for quite some time.

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  3. Very peaceful list Victo – it is relaxing just to think about relaxing – Ha! When it comes to classical music, I must confess that Tchaikovsky is my favorite. I would be lying if i said i listened often, however I was brought up on Tchaikovsky and it has stuck. My life has taken a diffeent course than pursuing music and although I do have an ecclectic appreciation (Snoopy and the Red Baron being a seasonal favorite), I have not gone any deeper than listening. Even though it can be a major pain in the derriere, i too love a heavy snowfall, especially when i don’t have any pressing business that takes me out in it. Oh, add a dollop of Scotch and a roaring fire and i’m in heaven.

    The really ineresting thing I find about relaxing Victo, is that it seems it is most effective and strongest when it is in contrast to hard work. It is the contrast – the step down, step up, the change – that really brings out the enjoyment.

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