Fiesta… Lost.

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I had not fully appreciated until yesterday what a blessing it was to have grown up at a time when the teacher could not email homework on snow days. 

My children were robbed. 

How are we supposed to bake cookies with three worksheets and a list of spelling words hanging over our heads?!?!?! 


We get such rare time off together the last thing I want to do is wrestle and fight over homework!


119 thoughts on “Fiesta… Lost.

  1. I’ve always found that when I did snow work, the teachers NEVER even looked at it when we got back. Then again, it was only in the pre-GCSE years. Now….if we have a snow day they’re going to set it and they’ll be important XD
    A big excuse was “I had no connection” πŸ™‚

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  2. Isn’t that crazy? I feel bad for the kids. A snow day should be a snow day. Of course, if there end up being too many of them, it’s reasonable to give them some homework. But for one or two a year? Let the kids enjoy it.

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  3. Well, that’s a bummer. I remember how excited we got at kids when the school announced a snow day.

    Of course, if the power goes out because of the snow, you may be off the hook – so long as the kids don’t have to make the work up on top of everything else once they go back.

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  4. We were watching the news last night and it looks like Canada came calling to your neck of the woods. We saw a lot of sliding cars and scared people. Be safe. And that slippery stuff is just ice. When water freezes is becomes hard and slippery.

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  5. I hear you. My third grader has an hour and a half of homework each night, even when she’s sick. The teacher phones, asking that I pick up the work. I finally told him: she cannot do the work because she is too ill, and anyway, she was not in class to learn the material. Take that!


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  6. I feel so bad… kids didn’t have “blizzard bags” until after the sixth snow day. When they were little it was nice to stay home with them and bake cookies etc. Now I just leave them as they sit and watch the Today show with big smiles on their face because they get to go back to bed as soon as I leave for work! Your kids were robbed and you should be upset!

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  7. Should I even mention the teachers who give homework over Christmas vacation? ?!#!THEY should have to take a mini college course over Christmas and have their grade in the course directly related to their next paycheck. I think I need therapy. There are too many people teaching with alternative certifications. A teaching degree should be a requirement 😞 Rant Finished😞

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  8. I never, in 45 years of teaching set holiday homework. If the administration demanded it I told my classes to think of the best day they had and we would have a discussion period on the third day back. And by that time I and the class had forgotten. Homework is mandated by principals who are trying to prove to the parents how clever the school is. It is bad bad bad and it develops a dread of learning in the hearts of students. There! My little diatribe for the day.

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  9. I was just talking with a pediatric neurologist with one year old twins. She was trying to figure out what elementary school would be best for them. She worried if the Quaker schools were just too easy going. What the heck happened to mud pies and play dough? We are expecting ridiculous things from our children. Childhood is short. Play! Make messes! Children Do NOT learn from worksheets. The learn more math when cooking with parents or working on household repairs. Don’t open any more emails from them on days off.

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  11. I’ve never had a snow day before, I did have school shut down due to bombs in the city, but no snow day. Now suddenly I feel like I missed out on something. I also used the no power/internet excuse several times, sometimes I wasn’t even lying (most of the time, power went out twice a week min).

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  12. Ahhh, I loved snow days. Even as an adult when I have to go to work,I still love big snow storms. No matter what you do, regardless of success, it seems above and beyond what could be expected. For that reason, I think assigning home work by e-mail on snow days violates the sanctity of the day. I say we start a “Keep Snowdays Sacrosanct” movement.

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  13. I quietly dodged those emails. I figure if homework is supposed to reinforce what they learned that day in school, and the school is going to mandate make-up days in the summer, then my 1st grader can do the work then, after she makes up those days and actually learns the material! In the meantime, we play!

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