Sometimes it floods over me

That remembrance

Brought on by a baby’s cry

Or a smell

Or a taste

Or a smile

Love of any kind

Leaving me with that familiar guilty longing 

And the feeling that I have betrayed 

Your memory


By finding joy in something

Without you


87 thoughts on “Afterwards

  1. Different posts bring back memories in ways that can not be explained. It isn’t always directly relevant but as soon as I read that lovely poem I thought of the time fifty years ago when I was walking down Collins St in Melbourne and a girl walked past. And she must have been wearing a combination of perfume and powder and makeup that blended to be exactly like a girls who had just broken my heart. I followed her for a while down the street but it wasn’t her. It never has been her. I just love how you, out there in cyber space, keep messing with my heart.

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    • It’s OK. Everyone else does the VD. This is why we should pay attention to the initials of our kids before we name them. Except I was not naming a kid, so the initials never occurred to me. It makes me giggle now!

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