Cupcakes in a Tornado


My daughter is still fixated on the fact that she believes she was baby Jesus’s little sister in her immediate past life. It started at Christmas (see this post) and has continued to evolve…

“When Mary had me and I was eating cupcakes with Joseph, the wind blew the door open because it was tornado season.” She says this while eating a cupcake after reading a book on tornados. Apparently that is what you do in a tornado when you are three, forget the flashlights and the cupboard under the stairs.

“Oh, really? Where was baby Jesus? I hope he wasn’t out in the tornado!”

“Oh, no, mommy. He was in the manger. He was bad and couldn’t have a cupcake.” 

(I am not sure church indoctrination is going all that well.)

She argues vehemently with her big brother over these things and I cannot tell if that is because she truly believes the story or because she wants to argue with her brother and quash all dissent as a means of imposing her will. If it is the latter, I have no idea where that would have come from…


75 thoughts on “Cupcakes in a Tornado

  1. Hopefully she had on a pink tiara while eating the cupcakes in the tornado.

    Where do kids come up with this stuff? In some ways, yes, you can kind of see how A lead to B lead to C but then the whole thing just get blown up into What The…? I don’t remember being this off the wall, and it is possible in my repressed family the kids never were. It sure is going to be interesting to see where all this creativity ends up with your kids.

    Chuck Wendig is a very humorous blogger and professional writer. His blog is full of expletives, stream of consciousness, and just plain weirdness, often not suitable for work. I’m just saying, because I’m leaving this link to something you might laugh with that he posted:

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  2. Cuppycakes are good. Tornadoes are no match for cuppycakes. In a way I can understand her comments on Jesus – after all if He was sent to help us, doesn’t that make us of great value (what greater value could we have than to be good when compared to Jesus)? And if we are the children of God and Jesus was the Son of God, doesn’t that make us bothers and sisters with Jesus?Seems logical to me. Could I have a cuppycake please?

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  3. Reminds me of Billy Connolly’s grandson who finds out that the man on the cross is Jesus and then finds out people were mean to him.

    Christianity’s origin story is quite similar to ancient origin stories of neighbouring Asian civilisations. Many of them have silly aspects when you think about it.

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  4. Baby Jesus was bad! I’m sitting here trying so hard not to laugh at my phone and have people think I’m a crazy person. 😂😂😂 She needs to hang out with my son, who believes that he is Jesus’ equal because God is his father too, and that it’s not fair that he doesn’t have Jesus powers.

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  5. We know so little about the early childhood of Jesus. This explains why they left that part out! Kids sure are good at helping us keep our silly sense of humor. The challenging, yet fun, part is coaxing it back out of them when they’re in the throws of adolescent angst. You will have lots of memories to draw from. When she is bad, you can just send her to the manger. With no cuppycakes!

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  6. Heaven help you when she’s older if she’s only arguing the point to impose her will! I can see it, actually. She must be a princess if Jesus is a prince, right? She will have minions to do her bidding.

    I will remember the next time we have tornado warnings to have cupcakes. 🙂 I’m not sure what I can do about baby Jesus i a manger.

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  7. Haha… This is too funny!

    Just last night my princess, also three, was talking of an older sister, who, apparently, was on her way over in the blue car but was taking a little while to get here.

    To my knowledge she is the only girl to be born onto our family (immediate and extended on my side, not sure about her dad’s side) in at least 22 years so I don’t know of any older sister!

    If I had believed in reincarnation or seeing spirits from the other side I would have gone to one of those explanations but I don’t, so I’m just gonna chuck this up to a healthy imagination and leave it at that. Kids say the funniest things!

    Great story!

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  9. Well, wait a minute… If she was Baby Jesus’ little sister, and if He was still small enough to fit in the manger, then how was she big enough to eat cupcakes? Just sayin’…. 😉 (She sounds so adorable!)

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