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A couple of months ago, C. S. Boyack gave me an advanced copy of his newest book, Will O’ the Wisp. I had never had anyone ask me to do that before. It felt kinda nice…

Quite honestly, I doubted that I would be able to get it read. Working full time, parenting (my second job), and blogging (which is starting to feel more like a third job than a hobby) consume almost all of my waking moments. 

And yet, I devoured that book in a matter of days and I have anxiously awaited the day that I could tell everyone about it! 

Now, I have read dozens and dozens of book reviews since I started blogging. They are formidable works of art and while I respect the fact that they require a ton of time and effort, generally I hate reading them.


They are too damn long.

So here it is, folks, my review: 

Will O’ the Wisp is the suspenseful tale of a teenage girl who works to unravel a mystery in her hometown, a mystery linked to her father’s death. Mr. Boyack has fantastic facial hair and I have no doubt that he is a man, but he is a man who can write a teenage girl like he might have actually lived it once (I should know what that’s like). I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was set in the 1970’s. While I probably didn’t live through the seventies (at least I don’t want to admit it) I can relate to microwaves, writing letters, phone chords, and mercurochrome… 

Bottom line? I loved it! Get the book. Read the book. You will NOT regret it. (Here is the Amazon link for everyone not in North America.)


69 thoughts on “The Review

  1. I agree — that’s exactly why I skip those posts over…

    Thanks for this. I did experience the 70s — remember my first lunch from a microwave — a hotdog cooked on a plate in a bun! So it sounds like a fun book!

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  2. Appears to be only on Kindle, which I don’t have–probably because I AM a throwback to the glorious 1970’s and refuse to read electronic books. Give me paper or forget it. I did read the 2nd review on Amazon though and it does sound fun, if for nothing more than the memories.

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  3. Wow! Thank you! I am going to be reviewing books that influence my practice and I keep thinking I need to go into more detail, almost like those dreaded journal critiques we all suffered through in grad school. This is MUCH better and I am going to steal your style!

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  4. I’m feeling provocative this morning so I’m going to back you into a corner, if you don’t mind. To be approached by an author to review a book puts you into an unenviable and uncomfortable position. Since this is not an anonymous review, how honest can you be, really? What if you hadn’t liked it? Could you say so? Or would you just say nothing at all? You have to respect the effort that goes into writing a book. Lots of people talk about it but not many buckle down and actually do it. But I’ve never–not once–read a blog post book review that said the book was just okay.

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    • You make a valid point and it is something I considered. However I had actually read one of his other books and enjoyed it, so that was a good foot to start on. I can critique just about anything, so that was my initial role, I felt… to provide constructive criticism to the author. He in fact never asked me to promote the book in any capacity, which then meant if I did not like it, I would just keep silent and not bring up anything about it here. Perhaps I should also mention that I do not receive any remuneration for any of this? πŸ˜‰


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