Time Travel


I was curious. How many of you had time travel fantasies as kids? 

Once upon a time, I stood in the center of old Fort Parker and closed my eyes tight, both hands balled up into tight fists. My life was miserable and I wanted an escape route. If faith the size of a mustard seed could move mountains, well I could surely believe hard enough to travel back to the mid 1850’s.

To be honest, I was too young and naive to have thought it through. The civil war was coming. Texas without air conditioning? Shoot me. I would also need an everlasting supply of red hair dye, deoderant, razors, tampons, and birth control. Toothpaste. Can’t forget the toothpaste. 

“What are you doing?!?!! Keep up!”

Fortunately, wishing (even if you wish very hard with every fiber of your being) is not the same as faith and so I never had to regret my decision…

So….. Am I the only one who ever did this? If you did, too, why? What time would you travel back to?


130 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. I used to love to do that, and there were tons of times I would have loved to travel back to… The Renaissance Era (cool outfits), the 1690s (Salem Witch Trials) the late 1800s (Little House on the Prairie days), 1912 (The Titanic), the 1950s (when TV was new), the 1960s (good TV, good looking guys and cool clothes). But I don’t think I’d care to go back to any war time. 🙂


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