She Just Looks Sweet…


You know it is time to have THE talk when your daughter climbs up into your bed in the wee hours of the morning, looks up at you with eyes full of horror, and says:

“Mommy, your breath stinks!”

Yes, dear. It is called halitosis. You have it, too…


73 thoughts on “She Just Looks Sweet…

  1. Beautiful photo. My son, when he was much younger, used to get mad at me and splutter “You…you…old wadie (lady)”, when he couldn’t think of a better comeback.

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  2. I’m pretty convinced that every parent is doing something to send their kids to years of therapy. I don’t care how good of a parent you are, how attentive (hover moms are surely the kaching in future therapist’s fortunes), how well meaning… you’re gonna do something.

    This is also my theory (and I have THE BEST theories on parenting since I don’t have any kids), when the little darlings do things like this to YOU, they are acting on their instincts of payback for the future therapy. Deny Little Susie those $400 red shoes and twenty years from now she’ll be convinced, and telling some shrink, that you stifled her creativity in dance, but for NOW her best revenge is to bounce on you in the early morning and tell you that you stink.

    It all has a certain logic, don’t you agree?

    Adorable picture.

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