More Questions!


Mel (I don’t believe she has a blog) asked a number of questions the other day on my It’s All An Act… post. Here they are:

#1 What would constitute a perfect day for you? Traveling somewhere new, sightseeing with my camera. A close second would be a dark room with a bottle of wine and a few of my terribly sad chick flicks to get me good and depressed enough to write fiction…

#2 If you could wake up tomorrow with a new quality or ability what would it be? The ability to schmooze. I wish I were a better politician.

#3 What would you do if you won the lottery? Quit my job and do volunteer work for indigent patients at a free clinic somewhere that did not have to deal with “Meaningful Use” or insurance or managed Medicare crap.

#4 What was the last book you read? I Need My Monster, by Amanda Noll. (My kids love it.)

There are still quite a few questions left, so stay tuned! 


64 thoughts on “More Questions!

  1. I love the idea of #3. Doing what one is passionate about without all the crap associated with eating and paying bills and playing games our society has created to control and define its members.

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  2. Agreed on question three. The moment I have more money than I can spend, giving back becomes more important than having more to start with…

    I started photography with film. I skipped the dark room for digital yet I still want to try it some day. There is something about film. These days a prime and manual focus come pretty close.

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  3. What a fun challenge this would be to ask people in the Victo Dolore social media group we all seem to be in. I feel like I am getting to know some of your followers. Would be fun. Just a thought. Your answers are great. Schmoozing is not all it is cut up to be. If you are honest, you never have to worry why people do things for you or to you. You always know where you stand. I am a great schmoozer and have once or twice crossed into “Why Mrs. Beaver, what a lovely sweater that is.” ( Eddie Haskell,…. you are probably too young.)

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  4. Were we just discussing yesterday the frustration a physician friend is having trying to practice medicine while having to deal with insurance companies and Medicare. It’s a pity that just doing your job conscientiously (practicing your vocation) without those kinds of headaches has to be a fantasy.

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  5. I’ve lived with an MD for many years, and the frustration is universal. What he wants to do is, and this is so strange, TREAT PATIENTS. With the advent of Obamacare, after the husband retired, all of my physicians are stressed to the max and some of even the younger ones are thinking of quitting.

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