Calming the Storm

Hawaii 011

“Mommy, are those clouds going to make a tornado?” 

We were coming out of a live production of the Wizard of Oz. Seriously. They had done an *excellent* job with the special effects…

“Yep! Sure looks like there is a tornado coming this way.” I decided to mess with him a bit. There was a huge, ominous wall cloud headed our way. “See? There it is!”

“Mommy? Are you joking?” Panic crept into his voice as he searched my face. “I need for you to tell me you are joking or I am going to start crying.” His voice cracked.

“Oh, baby! Yes. I am joking. But we do need to hurry or we are going to get rained on!” He laughed, relieved.

As he and his sister buckled into their booster seats I checked the weather site on my phone. Tornado. A few miles away. The storm cell was headed our direction.


Rather than stopping for dinner as is our tradition, we decided to head straight home. I placed a to go order with our favorite dive as we drove. I tried to keep an eye on the weather developing around us during the 45 minute drive, speeding a bit to stay ahead of it. It was looking awfully scary.

We picked up the food and got into the house just as the rain started. Huge, fat drops splashed on our heads as we dashed inside.

Sitting down to eat, the tornado sirens started sounding. The entire family crowded into the little central hallway/room and we closed ourselves up from the world, waiting. 

I looked over and my son was shaking.

We all scooched together and his dad started playing Somewhere Over The Rainbow as performed by IZ (Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole) over and over again until the radar showed the dangerous part of the storm had passed.

Thank you, modern technology.

At bedtime my son gave me a hug and said, “Mommy, I love you but I want daddy to put me to bed.”

“Ok, sweetheart. But why?”

“I love him more. He helped me feel safe.” He gave me a tight squeeze and headed off to read a bedtime story, his little hand in his daddy’s big hand.

Daddy made him feel safe. The world is as it should be…


83 thoughts on “Calming the Storm

      • That’s always when it happens. Tease them about a tornado, and the sirens go off. Snap at them for their attitude, and they wake up with a raging cold the next day. Put your foot down on the vegetable defiance, and they throw up in your bed.
        I’ve held my kids many a time sorry for some thing or another that I said in jest and then became serious. Then a day comes and they make the same kind of joke, or attempt, at least, and I know all is well.

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  1. Great story, how scary for your son (well, actually for all of you). I always wondered why the sky gets that green tint when tornadoes are near by, that is something that has always puzzled me.

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  2. Noted. To counter storm stress, sing about rainbows and attain the power to calm people down.

    Sometimes the world does need more colour to fill the black and whites…

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  3. A sweet but sort of scarey family story. Your kids will treasure it when they are older. Tornadoes can be very frightening. We endured a night of a category 4 hurricane with mini-tornadoes that blew all the trees down around our house when the kids were small.

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  4. some day when your kid is in therapy, you will know why….. 🙂
    I am such a weather freak, I would love to SEE a tornado, but be in one. I think I will take our blizzards over that.

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    • You know, I think I would agree. I would love to see one sometime when it is just me and I know my kids are somewhere safe. As for therapy, I have to give them something! We cannot have “normal” people populating this Earth! 😉

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  5. – Glad you were all safe. – You are far more confident and mature than I. I would have suffered long out of guilt that I had frightened my child, and also been upset that he did not feel safe with me. – I always LOVED when the sky turned green–so beautiful! – Got to see a tornado way in the distance once: Exciting! – Would have been terrified to be racing home against sirens wails with young kids – Or, maybe, not…Always took earthquakes in stride when kids were little…perhaps what we’re used to? – Was in downtown hi-rise when tornado came through main downtown street and we had to huddle in stairwell–hadn’t known ’til then they could COME into modern downtown w/skyscrapers–thought they followed rules to stay on plains. Bad tornado!

    Last: My brother threw up from flying monkey fear, but when I was little, scary apple-throwing mean trees were worse than witch or monkeys. Mean trees! Save me!

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  6. I grew up in the Midwest and I am pretty comfortable dodging tornadoes, but my youngest spent a couple of formative years in Oregon before we moved back to the Midwest. As a result, the notion of tornadoes is slightly foreign and very scary for him. I have to be really careful to remember how real his terror is and how my more comfortable attitude sometimes frightens him. Thank goodness he also has a daddy who is good at making him feel safe when his mom makes a mistake. What a blessing! Glad you all were safe!

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  7. I had such a connection to Oz growing up; have lived in tornado country, but rarely saw a trace of one. That version of Over the Rainbow is the only one worthy of comparison to Judy Garland’s original . And… the safety that is Dad…we sometimes take it for granted. Glad you are all ok. Van

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