Joy Ride

Chicago 117“Congratulate me, Doc!”

He beamed.

“For what?” I was checking his preventive care screen, making sure I didn’t need to harass him about his colonoscopy.

“I’m getting married on Tuesday.” 

I looked up at him and smiled. “That’s wonderful news!”

He had been terribly lonely since his wife had died suddenly a few years back, though he had sworn to me at the time that he would never marry again.

I clicked over to the social history screen so I could update his marital status. 

“You know her,” he said.

“Oh, really? Who?”

He told me the name.

My blood ran cold.

I had treated her for a head cold a few weeks before. She had told me she was going on a honeymoon in a few weeks, flashing a giant diamond that sparkled almost as brightly as her smile.

“I am going to make a lot of money off of him…”

He was going to have his heart broken. 

“Congratulations!” I said to them both.


150 thoughts on “Joy Ride

  1. That’s the worst position to be in, having knowledge that may be useful to someone else but not being able to tell them- because well how would you?? People are so desensitized to honesty and the truth they don’t even believe you when you tell them out of their own best interest anyways!

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    • Nope. I change enough details that there is no way anyone would recognize themselves or anyone else. Sometimes these characters are hybrids, or I change the sex or age, or the wording and sequence of what is said. They are based in reality but are not, in fact, real in the true sense of the word. This encounter occurred but not exactly how it is presented here.


  2. It is amazing what people share that they shouldn’t. I include myself. But to share “I am shameless and openly acting with evil intent”. Wow. I don’t hope she begins to love him. I hope she begins to develop good morals. Then, if she begins to love him, it will not be a disaster.

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    • Not everyone has the same morals. I don’t think she thought it was evil. For her it was a matter of survival in a way. Doesn’t make it right per se. Sometimes the power of love surprises us all.


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