Word To Your Mother


“Spell the word frog.”

“F-R-O-G.” He searched my eyes hopefully to see if he had gotten it right.

I nodded. He beamed, proudly.

“Good! Spell… Blog? Wait. Really? Blog is your spelling word?”

“YOU have a blog, mommy! How many followers do you have now?”

Oh. You know do about that, don’t you?

I made up a number. My actual number of followers vs the “real” number of active readers… vastly different, but that is not something you can explain to a five year old during spelling word practice.

“Wow!” He sounded impressed. 

I may have exaggerated a wee bit.

“Ok, now spell the word. Blog.”


“Perfect!” I gave him a high five.

The things they teach kids in Pre-K nowadays… *shakes head in disbelief*


78 thoughts on “Word To Your Mother

  1. I love frogs. My younger daughter used to call them ‘frops’ and I thought that a good word too. And I used to have a book for the children called “Gorp” which is frog backwards. I reckon your five year old would like it.

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  2. Victo, you set such a charming scene with this post. I felt like i was there, maybe pouring myself a cup of tea… and hoping I would not be asked to spell anything! ๐Ÿ˜€
    It does seem different… but it’s good to know the educators are keeping up with modern vocabulary. Hugs!

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      • Ha! That is too funny patchy frog. It brought back a funny memory from my trucking days. I had an acquaintance (stress on acquaintance) named Tommy. Tommy hauled overstock fish from one fish plant to another for processing in a 32 foot aluminum dump trailer. It looked exactly like a gravel dump that you see around so often and the fish was pumped in unprocessed. When he got to the delivery point, he backed over a specially built pit with a conveyor and raised the box,. the same as a dump truck, and the fish poured out through the tailgate. He would then lower the emptied box and go get his next load. Tommy was a careless sort of lad (a nice guy but not someone you would want to depend on)and early one cold winter morning while it was still dark he was climbing a huge mountain (Kelly’s mountain)loaded in Nova Scotia on the Trans Canada Highway. He had not secured his tailgate properly and it swung open, unbeknownst to him. With the hill and the bumps and such, he spread over half of his load of fresh fish on the road on his way up the hill. I didn’t know this and I was trucking along in the same direction a few hours behind him, grooving to the tunes on the local radio station, mostly to hear the weather and road report for the mountain (sometimes when the weather was bad we had to “hang iron” – put on tire chains to climb the mountain). The road report came on and the announcer started off with: “This morning Kelly’s mountain is mostly clear with fishy spots.” This confused me a bit until i reached the mountain and found road crews trying to clear the slippery frozen fish off the road with a small front end loader. Some days later i came across Tommy and he confessed that when he got to his destination he only had half the load he started with that morning. To my knowledge no one ever confessed to the Highways Department who messed up their road as he would likely have been charged with the clean up costs..

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  3. You are technically very good at writing Mrs The Love Doctor, this combined with your magnetic character and snippets of your world is why you have so many readers, me among them. I don’t read very many, but I do read yours. Thank you for continually liking my posts, I hope you read them and enjoy them. Two worlds apart yet we entertain one another. Excellent this blog malarkey!

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