Payback For What?

Cambodia 119

“Doc, my knee still hurts!”

“Still?” Flipping through the chart. “Wait. We haven’t talked about this before.” 

“I know.” She smiled sweetly and expectantly.

“So still?”

“Right. It never got better.”

“What have you been using for it to help?”




“Has it been swelling?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did it look swollen?”

“I wasn’t really paying attention. I just don’t want you to rule out the possibility that it might have been swollen at some point.”

“So it is not swollen now?”

She pulled up her pants leg and carefully examined the knee. Then she pulled up her other pants leg and carefully examined her other knee. “Well, I guess I don’t know. What do you think?”

“Uh. No. It does not look swollen right now.”


“Ok. How long has this been going on?”

“Oh, it’s been going on a little bit.”

“How long is that?”

“Well, a little while.” She seemed a bit frustrated over the restatement of the question.

“Really, you need to give me a time frame. A few days? A few weeks? A few months?”

“Well…..” Long pause as she thought back. “I don’t know exactly.”

“That’s OK. I don’t need an exactly. You can approximate it….”

Going with my mother to see the orthopedist. She does this to me on purpose, doesn’t she? Surely.


96 thoughts on “Payback For What?

  1. That sounds exactly like everybody’s mother!
    BTW (OT): I just got back from a visit with my Rheumatologist. She’s gone over to wearing Google Glasses during her visits. It seems there are services out there that will take the video stream from the Glasses in real time (no video is stored) and type a doctor’s office notes while the doctor is talking with the patient. The service uses a standard format so they know what to write and how to say it. The doctor can then edit the file if she wishes (while walking from one patient to another, if she likes), but the bulk of the work is done.

    Blew my mind. Apparently some people get overly paranoid about this new development (you can request that the doctor not use it), but I love it! It frees the doctor from a time consuming chore, and ensures that the data entered into the chart is more likely to be both accurate and complete (instead of relying on the doctor’s memory).

    Have you run across this?

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  2. I don’t have these kind of parents.
    My MIL though, she’s got no parts of her body that work properly. Something is wrong with everything. I mean, it’s not, not according to the doctor, but on any given day, she’s got something wrong. As a person who suffers from one chronic mental health issue and one chronic physical health issue, it’s hard for me to deal with this.
    My FIL, in contrast, puts off seeing the doctor so that he won’t get any bad news. Probably because he always gets some.
    Life is unfair this way.
    I appreciate my parents, and the venting opportunity this post gave me 😀 Haha! Thanks!

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  3. This makes me so glad that I live far away from my parents although I did go through my mothers kidney failure and transplant with her before I moved away. That was hell on earth involving both parents breaking the law. Anyway I’m far away now Yay!

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  4. One of my biggest pet peeves as a family doctor.
    “How long have you had the pain?” “Oh, you know. A while!”
    “No,actually I am not a mind reader. How long is ‘awhile’?”
    “I’m not sure. Maybe a few months?”

    Ugh. Makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.

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  5. I have worked my limbs to the nub, I’m sure my doctors experience with me is similar. Pain becomes a background constant, and I don’t really make note of the specifics in my mind. However, I was getting frustrated just reading your post (frustrated in an amused way), I can’t imagine actually being there.

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  6. What they said: Funny, frustrating–identifying from your perspective, embarrassing–’cause I’ve done it.

    If your mom were a film character, funny would rule the day. Perhaps film her next appointment, and shop the results around to agents? If she becomes an overnight star, some gofer can keep track of her ailments and their start dates.

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