Because, That’s Why!


“Mommy? If he loves her, why is he doing mean things to her?” My son asked.

I don’t even know exactly how or why but we were listening to The Phantom Of The Opera soundtrack in the car. They wanted me to explain the story line as they were listening.

The Phantom is angry because he loves Christine and wants her to be with him but she does not want to go. Yes, it is like he is stealing her, taking her to his lair, his home under the opera…

“Yeah, mommy. Why? Why is he mean to her? You don’t do that if you love somebody!” my daughter chimed in.

Good question, kids. Good question….

It is interesting how accustomed to things we become, how we just accept them without question. Like hurting someone we love. It just happens. Is there ever a reason? Love by its very nature is painful. It hurts. 

How to explain that paradox to a preschooler? 

“You love you each other don’t you?”

“Yes!” they said in unison. (It happened to be a good day. Generally the answer would be no.)

“But you hit each other and steal toys and say mean things to each other don’t you? Why do you do that?”


There you go.


94 thoughts on “Because, That’s Why!

  1. Well, they have a point. We shouldn’t hurt people we love. We do it, but we shouldn’t. And we should regret it when we do. Did they make that connection or did they just “get it” that people who love each other hurt each other?

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  2. Kids have a sharp eye for distinguishing things. Being able to convince them as an adult is a skill.

    My compliments on letting them understand the duality of human nature which leads to our inherent double standards. Oh exceptions and relativity…

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  3. What is most trying is when the kid goes on an endless stream of “Why?” You can start from a hot mug of coffee and go down to the atomic level and you know she’s not understanding any of it but… “Why?” πŸ™‚

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  4. My brothers, 10 years younger than I but close in age with each other put a luzard in my car ( that us a story) moyse in my bed, ect. But lived me to death on every occation they needed me! Still do!!! Thanks for sharing, brought great memories.

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