May the Fourth Be With You 


My thoughts on May the Fourth:

I wanted to be a Jedi. Desperately. Still do. Only now I probably look more like Yoda than Princess Leia. Still, he’s kinda cute so that isn’t too bad.

Why didn’t Princess Leia get to have a light saber? This continues to bother me. She was still bad ass, though.

When Luke Skywalker faced his father, Darth Vader…. I wanted to marry him. I didn’t care that he was actually my long lost brother. This is the power of the dark side…

George Lucas. I wanted to marry him, too. Until Jar Jar Binks. Again with the dark side.

The fact that my kids play with all of my old Star Wars toys? Validates my childhood. Old and new, blending together.

May the Forth Be With You!!!!


89 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You 

  1. It is incredible that the franchise is still relevant. Very few if any films transcend generations, Transformers being another. I watched the first Star Wars in the theater when I was a kid and it still is watchable today!!

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  2. I didn’t get into Star Wars until I was older but became quickly smitten. Little Man loves all things Star Wars, too, lovely to enjoy that (and LOTR) together 🙂

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  3. The light saber is basically the katana with a laser beam of sorts. The sword as a weapon of cruelty and elegance has always been a weapon that has been appreciated since its genesis.

    I used to practise fencing and be intrigued by Eastern fighting styles and the influences in Star Wars are plentiful. If you really want to feel the “fourth” pick up fencing, either Kendo or “Western fencing” for instance.

    Star Wars borrowed. You can make the skill your own and skip the fancy film ballet…

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  4. I suspect that Princess Leia was not given a light saber because at the time the movie was made, princesses were still expected to be little ladies fawning over the heroes who came to save them. There were aggressive, independent women in movies, but they generally weren’t cast as princesses – at least not good princesses. They could have just called in Princess Leia’s mommy – but then it would have been a very short movie.

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  5. What a fun post, Doc! I was 16/17 i think when the first movie came out. It was pure magic to everyone in the theater, no matter their age. But part of that was just the combination of timing and technology. Still, i remember how it felt when that theme music came on! Awesome! (Although it wasn’t the same for me after that first trilogy.) Yes, may the 4th be with you! 😀

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  6. Even though we’re really, really old, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I are big fans. (She is also an ordained Jedi minister of the Force, btw.) We have matching wedding rings with different inscriptions. Her’s says “I Love You”, while mine says, “I Know”.

    May your light shine out for everyone to see…

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  7. I was just talking about Jar Jar Binks last week w/ my wife. ..remember that post I had about the snarky neighbor who was questioning me about my bill last week, then one of my kids reminded me, he owed me his life because I’d went over to his house and given him the Heimlich maneuver? 😉
    I was trying to find a clip of him on Youtube to go w/ the post but wasn’t having much luck. Yep, there are quite a few colorful characters in those movies…. fun post! DM

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  8. The girl had to wear a Star Wars shirt to school for Star Wars Day….she couldn’t wait to say “may the fourth be with you” She is always defending Luke Skywalker because I always though he was a whiny sissy boy and she thinks that he is cool because he is the cartoon voice of the joker. My favorite was always Chewbacca….I never claimed to be normal. 🙂


  9. I saw Star Wars about 10 times in the first year it came out. I bought the sound track in vinyl, and still might have it somewhere. As much as I loved and love Star Wars, Star Trek will always be # 1.( I wanted to marry Spock.)

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  10. I’m with LCTC – I saw the original and haven’t sat down to watch the full movie of any of the seq/preq -uels. You’re dating yourself Victo. I was a Star Trek fan from day 1 – 1966. Star Wars came along in 977. Anyone who was a died in the wool Trekkie, didn’t seem to have as much fascination with Star Wars. That makes you a young’un. Ha! I was never much taken with Luke (as one of your other readers said: he was whiny)- Solo was my favorite character. He was like an interstellar truck driver – a very good one – jist get ‘er done. Any load, anywhere, anytime – as long as you pay well enough.Ha! Love characters like that.

    It’s cool that you still have your toys Victo. I can’t think of anything that I have from my childhood.

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    • My father loved Star Trek so I think I have seen every episode. Don’t get me wrong, I like Star Trek. I also liked Battle Star Galactica and Buck Rogers. Star Wars was something special somehow. I have a few of the toys that were obtained from second hand stores as a kid but my husband has a vast collection hidden away in a closet. Those toys get pulled out from time to time which really gets the kids excited.


    • There were a few in the prequels but they were marginal characters and showed up well after my childhood. Still, Leia DID rock the bikini and was awfully darn dangerous with that blaster…


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  12. We ARE Jedis. That’s why we became doctors: to save the world from The Dark Side, manifested as pain and suffering and death. Have you ever noticed how physicians view death as something to be battled against, and when we lose a patient we are often thrown into a dark despair, or more often, dissociation because we’re not taught how to deal with death as a normal part of the life cycle? But we are Jedi Knights and we shall conquer death! We do try, anyway.

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  13. I never watched Star Wars as a kid. IN high school, I went to see Episode 1 with all my friends because it was the cool thing to do. I loved the movie (aside from Jar Jar of course) and went home to watch the trilogy in one sitting.

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  14. I’ve still got a beef to pick with Lucas for the original trilogy’s bait-and-switch with the love interests. All that time I spent between the first and second movies, dreaming about Luke and Leia, only to be told later I’ve been shipping incest??!


    Anyway. Have you seen this? (Been viral for a while, so apologies if it’s a repeat.)

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