Where Have All Of The Merry-Go-Rounds Gone?

 Boy pushing a merry-go-round. 

It was the first one I have seen in over a decade. The merry-go-round was not in the best shape but my kids loved playing. I had to pry their fingers off of the struts to get them back home. 

I had forgotten how much fun I had on those things as a kid. Now, they just stir up my vertigo.

Mommy is going to sit this one out.

Such is life….

You spin around full circle until it is time to get off. Things you enjoy, that you take for granted? They dissappear. What is left is a mere shadow of its former glory but the new joy does not recognize what the old has been, blinded by the here and now. 

Ah, the metiphors to be found on a rusted out playground. 


69 thoughts on “Where Have All Of The Merry-Go-Rounds Gone?

  1. They really are rare. Schools and parks don’t want them anymore, because of trampling. I guess kids these days aren’t as smart about hopping up as we were? There’s one at my in-laws’ church, and my kids love it. I can run it, but I can’t ride.
    Besides, when else would we have time to think about metaphors? πŸ˜‰

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  2. I’ve only seen one in the last 10 years as well. It’s quite sad. Although I saw a small child toddle over towards one and nearly get extremely hurt while it was moving super fast. I say nearly because I stopped the kid. So…I can sorta see why these things don’t exist, but I admit they are VERY fun.

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    • I watch my kids climbing the jungle gym equipment and cringe, expecting them to fall and break something. I guess it is all dangerous. I struggle with wanting to wrap them in bubble wrap. They each flew off the merry-go-round a couple of time and I waited for sobbing to ensue but they giggled, picked themselves up, and went right back to it. Kids amaze me.

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  3. The best introduction to the sensation of speed on a stationary wheel. If you need a budget roller coaster or thrill ride these things get you up to speed.

    In the Netherlands children grow up with bicycles. Moving fast is one of the most fun things to experience.

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  4. I’ve flung a few kids off these in my time. I agree about the issues with vertigo now. No way I could get on a merry go round today. My huge cringe-factor at the playground these days with the granddaughter: the little ones who don’t realize they are toddling right into the path of someone swinging, back or front. I am teaching the granddaughter to give those areas a wide berth.

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    • Gah! My kids did the same thing. Getting kicked once cured them, but you really want to spare them that pain. They just cannot appreciate the pain we trying to keep them from, though, until the experience it…


  5. As I recall, the best place to ride was the middle, because you got less dizzy. Either that or if you fell down from being dizzy, you didn’t fall off. Something like that. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there, somewhere.

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  6. There used to be one of those in every playground Victo. I often wonder if we don’t, by times, over protect our kids. Not you but, as one of your readers mentioned, those who had the little merry go rounds banned in some places. Anyway, that is one of those opinion topics where everyone has their lines and limits.

    Neat comment you made about new joys not recognizing old joys.Very poetic. There seems to be a tendency in this universe for patterns and concepts to be repeated in very diverse applications. For instance if you accept a first cut at a definition of “love” as “the desire to be one with” (as Socrates posited in Plato’s Republic) then it becomes apparent that the fundamental physical force that shaped/shapes the universe – gravity – has at it’s center, exactly the same definition Obviously not anthropomorphized, but still identical in concept. When you start to look around for such similarities , they become very evident. It seems that when something works, it is used over and over. For instance nematode worms share about 70% of their DNA with humans.

    That said, the fact that old joys and new joys are seldom common, suggests that there is a common link that produces both -i.e.the human consciousness. Oddly enough, one of the things I have observed in life is that because someone is my friend does not mean they will be friends with my other friends. ha! Sounds confusing i know but i guess it addresses the same concept. I often fall into the habit of thinking two dimensionally if x=y and y=z .,then x=z. Some of my formal training is in math and I fall into this thinking often – and it doesn’t work for humans (mostly) so if I like John and I like Fred, that says absolutely nothing about whether Fred will like John. i have gotten onto serious trouble upon occasion by forgetting that.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post Victo. And sorry if i rambled there.

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  7. So did mummy enjoy her day off playing ‘hookey’? Looks like it to me. And I’ll tell you where all the `’merry-go-rounds” have gone.They have been destroyed by municipal councils who are scared of being sued by parents whose little valiant ones might get a broken arm because we don’t let our kids have ordinary fun anymore. We call them ‘helicopter’ parents. And it’s the result of the excessive amount of Tort cases for silly little things. When my sister broke her arm on the school swing 65 years ago we just had it put in plaster and that was that.
    I am really pleased to see you all had a great time! Do it more often and forget the chaos back at work.

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  8. Oh, I remember those! I hated them as a kid, but my son loooooooovvvvvveeeddd them! There was one in a lovely park right on Lake Geneva when we lived there. I enjoyed the view, Jacob enjoyed the ride. Everybody was happy.

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  9. I loved the tilt a whirl at the amusement park when I was a teenager. The first one I got onto after having a kid made my head pound. 😦 I miss the tilt a whirl. lol

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  10. The simple things in parks, playgrounds and beaches are disappearing. How awful is that?
    Thanks for the memories. Why did we enjoy making ourselves dizzy? Still we laughed and squealed and enjoyed the sunshine. ❀ ❀ ❀

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  11. Ahhh the merry go round! Yet another victim of health and safety laws. Amazing how any of us survived childhood, really. I understand laws, but, as stated earlier about the swings, it only takes once to get hit and you learn the practical laws of physics in real terms. I spent most of my childhood up a tree or at the top of monkey bars somewhere, both of which are considered extreme sports for youngsters now. Poor kids. It’s like this world is TRYING to plug them into the Borg. Just give them something electronic with headphones, and they’ll be happy… Wow, that sounded cynical! Not my intent. But the joys of fresh air and play, nothing battery operated – ah, those are the joys that make a childhood worth living!

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      • Eye contact is becoming an endangered species, and social skills? Goodness, how we have suffered. I wonder what sort of bedside manner our future doctors will have? πŸ™‚ Keep reading to your little ones, Doc… and unplug wherever possible! They don’t have to be assimilated… xx

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      • Yes we talk about that all the time. My mother would open the door and send us out in the morning and say “Be back in time for dinner”. I can’t believe the things we did! My children were never out without supervision until they were 10, but we were out on our own before we started kindergarten.

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