Every month, like clockwork, my body returns to the memory of you. Logically I know it is hormonal. Even though my child bearing days are over, my body is not yet ready to let you go. I cannot argue with it. I cannot rationalize it away. I have to ride it out, wait for the surge to pass.

During these times you seem saintly. Gone are your flaws. The way you would look at me as if I were stupid? Erased. How you would speak to me with that tone, slow and deliberate, that implied I was insane? The fact is it was you who drove me mad. Your stubborn, bullheadedness? It seems so endearing when I recall it through the hormone laden haze of ovulation.

I still long to feel you growing inside of me. The shame of that wanton desire weighs heavily across my pelvis. Tomorrow, maybe, I will be free of your memory again. Until then, every thought I have is laced with you.


74 thoughts on “Oopherectomy

  1. Elegantly written Victo (I had to look up oophorectomy). Emotionally impactful. I thank you for sharing a subject that is so important to females and yet completely foreign to males.

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      • Hormones are amazing. My undergrad was in physical chemistry and I did my thesis on the catalytic cracking of petroleum (back before it was a commercial process, catalysis that is, not cracking petroleum – just how old do you think I am anyways?). From there I got fascinated by catalytic systems – in biochem , of course, that’s hormones and the endocrine signaling system. The whole idea that a reaction or process can be controlled by a molecule that does not take part in the process is fascinating to me. You can use the same concept in behavior to have a lot of fun. For example, one night, i was trucking along near Truro Nova Scotia and I was talking to another driver on the CB. A woman who had a base station in town called out to me and mistook me for another driver that i knew. I didn’t correct her, but decided to have some fun. I started talking in a very sexually suggestive manner to her, staying within her definition of civil – which was pretty loose. Then just as I was about to drive out of CB range, I suggested to her that the next time she heard me on the CB to invite me in for a coffee and we could continue our conversation in person. Ha! A few weeks later, I heard that the driver she thought I was went by later in the week, She invited him in for a coffee and apparently he had to run for his life. Bwahahaha! The things we do to amuse ourselves. See, I took no part on their relationship – just catalyzed the humor. . .

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  2. I looked it up. I have to say I can completely relate to this….butttttttttttt, since the age of 10 1/2 those pesky little body parts caused me tremendous pain for decades. Such a torment they were. Though they graced me with fantastic gifts….when I didn’t need them I was glad to let them go. (BUT I LOVE THIS POST and understand it!!!)

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  3. Hormones…hmmmmm! Was handed an Evening Primrose capsule by my husband yesterday as he felt my ‘hormones were bad’. After unpacking the shopping he had annoyed me so much I had threatened to go back out to the shops on my own – terrible huh!

    Great piece – those pesky hormones!

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  4. I don’t think they stop after menopause either. I still have these unexplained mood swings that FEEL hormonal and urges at 59. More subtle than in the past, but they are not gone.

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  5. What a wonderful and insightful post – and naturally, we all have our own relationships with our ovaries! Mine are now shutting down, which is bringing along a whole host of other issues. My love hate relationship with them has swung rather more to the hate side at the minute, since in the absence of that lovely estrogen, my thermostat is all out of whack. I would rather the monthly rise and fall than this complete freefall into death valley, adrenaline rushes, moments of sheer terror, and 125 in the shade!

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  6. I have had a pretty hateful relationship over the years with mine as they have caused me quite a bit of pain, one way or another, However as they are slowing down, and almost stopping now, I think that I will miss them!

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    • You are under the influence of hormones almost continually from puberty onward. Part of me thinks having it continuously would make it easier to adjust, rather than having it sneak up on you like the ovaries do. However, it is probably just a case of the grass appearing greener on the other side of the proverbial fence.


  7. Great post. Nicely written. Short and full of truth. One we (women) can relate too.
    I wish I had paid more attention to its powerful influence when taking some rushed (bad) decisions. It took me a while to realize that my reasoning was drugged by my hormones.

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