Dressing Down 


“Mommy, why is that man not wearing a shirt?!?!??!”

You cannot hear the shock and disdain in my daughter’s voice from the typing here, but believe me, it was there laid on thick and heavy.

“Because he is mowing and he’s hot.” We were walking in the neighborhood before the next round of storms hit. I prayed it would end there.

She pondered that fact for a moment. “Why don’t girls take their shirts off?”

“Girls have boobs. Boys don’t.” I braced myself for the question I was certain would follow, why boys did not have boobs…

“But that man has boobs, mommy.” 

And so he did. 

“Those don’t count,” I whispered.

She formed a silent “O”, as if my response made perfect sense and happily skipped back home, pausing only to jump into all of the puddles in the road on the way.

That evening, watching the old Super Friends cartoon series:

“Mommy, who is that?”

“Wonder Woman! She sure is an amazing super hero, isn’t she?” I was secretly gratified that she could see it was not an exclusive boys club.

“Why isn’t she wearing pants?”

“Those are just really short shorts.”

“No, mommy. Those are panties. You don’t let me wear only panties.” 

It was an accusation.

“It’s a swimsuit,” I offered.

She shook her head. 

“A ballet leotard?” 

She shook her head again.

“A skirt would get in the way of her high kicks when she is taking out bad guys?”

She formed the silent “O” of understanding and nodded her head solemnly. 

“I can kick bad guys.”

“Sure you can sweetie.”

“So…. can I wear only panties?”


135 thoughts on “Dressing Down 

  1. Don’t you just hate being beaten by a four year old. When my younger daughter was about four she said, one ANZAC day. “What shall we do today Mummy. Let’s make ANZAC biscuits and then go and shoot our enemies.”

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  2. Introduce her to tennis and/or biking skirts – you can kick bad guys, ride a bike, swim, hike and still not look like you’re wearing panties only 😀 (don’t know if they make them in Wonder Woman colors tho…)

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  3. Oh boy. Leave it to a child to call out to inconsistencies with how society views human bodies. I think the man with boobs should keep the shirt on. Or everyone should be able to take shirts off. If you think about it, women actually uses their boobs and having them accessible makes more sense than a man keeping his out.

    But maybe we need to stick with the basics until your daughter hits high school.

    This makes me glad I’m not a parent and I only run a daycare. I can send the kids home with the hard questions.

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    • Hah! If you fed my kids filet mignon, you would be welcome to send the hard questions home to me! (My kids refer to the authority of their “teachers” above my own so…. You might get stuck with it anyway!) 😉

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