Passing Thought

 Calm, glassy lake reflecting the clouds and trees. 

Each year about this time, once another tornado season has safely passed us by, I feel a strange sense of loss. 

Do I miss the excitement? 

Or is it simply dissappointment that the possibility of a tornado hitting the clinic and carrying me off to Oz is now gone for another year? 

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

I sure could use a pair of ruby slippers right about now.


65 thoughts on “Passing Thought

  1. Ha! I’m always sad after a storm has passed. I wrote a post about one such memorable storm As long as I had visibility I loved driving in storms. The potential danger was part of the draw, but also the feeling of being in the middle of so much power is almost euphoric. I wrote a post about that as well

    A big storm brings us into the moment – nothing matters but right this instant. It can be a very uplifting experience.

    Thought provoking Victo. Thanks.

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    • Also, it could level and destroy the clinic (after hours of course when no one was around and only a few meters touchdown so it does not destroy surrounding buildings) which some days sounds like a fabulous idea! πŸ˜‰

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      • Be careful what you wish for Victo… I’ve been involved in disaster recovery planning for a few companies and have seen it implemented. Any stakeholders – and if you are a profit-sharer,then that means you – have assigned tasks up the ying-yang (that’s a technical word used a lot in DR, as in his dept got it up the ying-yang) that keep them under the hammer until all is back in order.

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      • I agree with Paul on this one. We had a major fire at my office a few years back, and it was horrid. True, the fire was after hours and no one was hurt, but getting back up and running was a nightmare – temporary offices elsewhere, lost files, burnt files, etc. Sometimes I can still smell smoke in certain doorways. Not an experience I’d ever wish to relive.

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      • Fortunately, much of what I do is portable. We could even do house calls. We lease the building but the contract is not with me, it is with the corporation. We have an awful location that we are locked into for another four years (I did not pick it)… No worries, I won’t be setting fire to anything, though! πŸ™‚

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      • What? Are you accusing me of setting fire to my office? I did not. πŸ™‚

        Although I must admit there had been times when I wished for it so I wouldn’t have to go in. The reality simply wasn’t what I expected. I did, however, learn that working from home in my current job isn’t as delightful as one would think.

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  2. You temind me of a scene from a friends novel where his character, after cursing about the drought at his settler-parents grave, sees a storm coming and fears that God is about to strike him dead – and tgen realized it would be worse if He didn’T!!!

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  3. You really have to think seriously of coming down under. Just bring your family for twelve months. There are lots of country towns were you would be welcomed and make a fuss over. Then you could go back home and get all stressed out all over again.

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  4. Oh, the times I wished my house would be swept up in a twister and land in magical Oz…a favorite childhood fantasy for a lot of us. But as the song lyrics go… “Oz never did give nothing to the tin man…that he didn’t already have “.πŸ’•

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  7. Home, some say it is where the heart is.

    If the heart is the emotional attachment to the place where one wants to be and stay then home is the best vague metaphor for the happy place.

    I would at least need a library and fresh coffee…

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