So Sorry

 Yellow, red, and brown train cars. 

It has come to my attention, via public outcry, that being married to some dermatologists is not actually terrible. I am profoundly sorry for over generalizing in such an insensitive way. Clearly, I have projected my own insecurities onto those spouses. 

I continue to stand by my previous statements about the stress of being married to plastic surgeons, however…


48 thoughts on “So Sorry

  1. I’m offended that anyone would be offended by you posting a non-offensive post about nothing very offensive. I think being married to any of us doctors would be a challenge. Let’s you and I schedule a weekly lunch and spa date to talk about our difficult lives. Ouch, now that was probably offensive to someone. Sorry in advance. Let me know if you ever get a day off. hee hee

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  2. I’ve just started working on reception in a dermatology/appearance med clinic and the pressure is real! Everyone is perfectly lovely and so far no one has suggested any “corrections” to be made. But I tell you what, being surrounded by it all day long really makes you think more critically. When the conversation is all about what they’ve had or are planning to have done, you can’t help but wonder if maybe you should be “fixing” things too.

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  3. People are so willing to call us out over anything these days. I got thinking about the guy who lost his job over the comment about females in the lab. It was a stupid thing to think, let alone say. Was it worth the termination of a Nobel Prize winner? I smell some character assassination at play somewhere. The Twitter photos cracked me up though. If we make the smallest tongue in cheek remark someone will go supernova. Don’t let them get to you.

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  4. Imagine actually saying something so terrible that someone was offended. Or maybe what’s terrible is how easily some people can be offended. But in the end we should all just close down our blogs and walk up and down the main street and raise our hats at the ladies and say ,”Morning Ma’am.”

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  5. The thought of “oh dear, being married/living with that person has to be terrible…” is something that happens all the time. It might be offensive but that is the cost of wearing your professional mask.

    Mask on, people think A while outside work and mask off you are B. I know that people perceived me as overly serious until I took a breaks and cracked jokes.

    How does a dermatologist promote exercise and skin health? You are submitted to a mud wrestling contest.

    How does a dermatologist go skin deep? You are shown the three layers on images. So flat…

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