Quote Challenge #1

 Lake with rushes and lily pads and the sky reflected. 

“General anesthesia is so weird. You go to sleep in one room, then wake up four hours later in a totally different room. Just like in college.” Ross Shafer

Thank you Kevin Morris and Willow for nominating me to participate. I don’t do a ton of these challenges but I figured this would be a great opportunity to post some silly medical quotes and to announce that I am going to try posting in the late afternoons/evenings rather than midday for a bit to see how that works with my job and my family.


52 thoughts on “Quote Challenge #1

  1. I once got some really strange, smirky looks from the medical staff when I woke up. It made me wonder if I had been talking in my “sleep” – and just exactly what did I say while under? I never did find out – no one would answer when I asked, they just smiled.

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  2. I would have to add, in my personal situation, not only waking up in a different room, but also puking my guts out. My last surgical experience was, I believe, long before propofol. Having used this drug in oral surgery, I was so envious of the uneventful recovery area wake ups πŸ™‚

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  3. Yep, and the older you get the more disturbing that missing time is. It’s when there are mysteries remaining that are inexplicable that the worry is greatest. Ha! I had cancer surgery on my colon and when I woke up my right side was covered with bruises – not related to the surgery. My surgeon had a great sense of humour and when I asked about the bruising he told me that I was so tough that they had to put their feet up on my side to spread the incision wide enough to operate. Ha! I didn’t inquire further – just let my ego be happy.

    Fun quote Victo. Thank You.

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  4. Great post with a beautiful picture! In my experience, anesthesia was terrible aftereffects and side effects as it was leaving me.
    I loved the quote because there was always somebody at the University who had to be woken up since other group had their lesson starting.

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