Quote Challenge #3

 An old Texas high school building. 

“At a cardiac arrest, the first procedure is to take your own pulse.” -Samuel Shem, The House of God

I actually hate that book. Loathe it. BUT this is good advice…


28 thoughts on “Quote Challenge #3

  1. Oh, I heard about that book from a guy that kept hovering around me when I went back to hospital work! When he said,” The book has a great opening, starts with a dream… this male doctor ( maybe resident) meets a nurse in an empty room). She has on a short white skirt.”
    This new employee stayed far away from him.

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  2. Excellent point Victo. This same concept- that whatever we engage or even observe is affected by our interaction; we are a part of everything – is evident across all applications.In physics it is called the observer effect. In transport safety,the driver is a critical part of any load or challenge. In math “super wicked problems”include the poser of the problem as a part of the problem and solution.

    That said, the implication is clear that assessing or weighing the doer of the action is the first step to a successful completion of any endeavor..

    Well said and eminently transferable to daily life Victo. Thank you.

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    • Thank you! I was going to use a quote from my favorite doctor show, Scrubs, but too many of them required a significant amount of context to set the background. It was too exhausting! 🙂


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