I See London, I See France… 


“Doc! Where the hell did you get that skirt?!?!!! That is THE cutest denim skirt I have ever seen.” She held out her bruised and swollen ankle for me to examine.

I told her where the skirt had come from. She winced as I poked and prodded and tested range of motion.

“What’s that? I’ve never heard of this place before. Is it expensive? Remember I can’t afford the expensive stuff you buy. I’m not rich like you doctors….”

“Actually, I am tightwad, cheapskate penny pincher. I bought it on clearance.”


In the time it took me to tell her the leg was not broken, she had pulled up the clothing website on her smart phone.

“What size do you wear?”

“I ordered a 12. It’s a bit large so it would sit low on my hips…” 

I lied. That really is my real skirt size and the waistband was not sitting low on my hips. But she didn’t really need to know that, did she?


As I handed her the checkout paperwork, she pressed the “Place Order” button and had an identical skirt on its way to her mailbox via priority 2-3 day shipping. 

She really wanted that skirt. I never pay for priority shipping if I can help it!

In fact, the only things I really splurge on are fancy underwear and rarer than I would like trips to Europe. I don’t know if the nice undies make a difference to those people on the other side of the airport scanners but it sure makes me laugh. 

The Pope would blush if he knew what I had worn to the Vatican…


85 thoughts on “I See London, I See France… 

  1. Ha! I feel singularly unprepared to comment on women’s underwear. 😀

    That said, this whole culture of buying on-line, paying extra for expedited shipping, and then waiting for the purchase to arrive befuddles me. Personally I think it is a get-rich scheme that has been foisted on us by the corporate world. We shop for bargains on-line and then we lose all the savings in shipping costs. And then we wait. That drives me crazy. I want to put my hands on what I am buying and I want it NOW! I have a monthly bus pass which costs me $100 and allows me to go anywhere any time, any number of times. That works out to about $1.50 per trip(less as travel more). So I can go to any shop in my town for $1.50 and come home with my purchase. Now I can understand shopping on-line if you are not mobile or the product is not available in your town, but otherwise, it makes no sense to me. Besides, any woman I have known has expressed their enjoyment at seeing and touching the fabrics and feeling the texture of their potential purchases. They also like to try on clothing it see how it looks and feels on them.

    Can someone please explain to me what the big attraction is with on-line shopping?

    Great post Victo – I too shop the bargains. 😀

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    • It was the first time that had happened. I was sort of taken aback by it. She was very demanding, wanting to know where the skirt was coming from. Maybe there was life or death situation that required a denim skirt? Dunno….


  2. Love your assessment of how to get attention/service in the ER…too funny, and that happened to me a few times in my life. Anxiety had me thinking it was “the big one”. I was well attended, and when in the clear, left on a gurney in a hallway to chill. Don’t remember exactly, but I was young, and most likely had been wearing lingerie of some specific sort. ☺ (Victoria hadn’t yet revealed her secret )

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    • Admittedly, ordering pants online is too dicey. My largish backside fits reliably well into an A-line skirt but any other garments for the lower half are better scouted out in person. 😉


      • I don’t need much since retirement and live in jeans an Tees and always have had to try on clothes because the sizing seems to have changed. The numbers don’t mean as much anymore. I purchase by trial and error. Nope that doesn’t fit. Nor that. Nor that. Maybe, this one. 😮 😀

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  3. You are not only a good doctor, you show interest in humankind, and you have a great sense of humor. Your patient’s are lucky to have you to care for them. I am smiling because if they follow you on WP they
    all now know that you always wear fancy undies. I find that very amusing. :o)

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  4. I remember once when I was a medical student doing an on-call for Traumatology and we were examining a broken leg. The consultant was standing next to me and discretely pointed at the boxer shorts of the guy. They had funny cartoons of couples in bed where you could see their heads and their feet coming out at the other end. I wonder if he thought they’d end up on display, but they made us chuckle for sure.

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  5. Gotta love Those clearance racks, marshals, and online shopping. Never got the expensive undue thing, bought a few things at Victoria secret was the most uncomfortable bra in my life, I’m sure a corset would have been comfiest. I’m totally fine with my Calvins 😉

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  6. It was really a compliment that she bought the skirt, albeit a bit weird right then.
    There is nothing like fancy underwear to make a girl feel pretty. I am so glad that shops are finally realizing that large women like them too. But alas, I am of the age wear grannie pants are the best….so I buy them in incredibly bright or pretty shades! Probably more information than anyone wants…. 😉

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  7. Well. . . depends on which pope, I suspect. Francis might be a good blusher (though, for whatever reason, I suspect he might be more inclined to share a guffaw with you on the subject), but Benedict? Nope. No way — that was a pontiff who KNEW the importance of every sartorial detail. I’m sure he’d completely understand your frilly lace undies, if you could understand his fancy red shoes.

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  9. I use priority shipping more than I want to (blame it on a lack of ability to plan ahead for anyone’s birthdays or holidays – I need to get things quickly when I forget to order them). But never for things for myself. That’s a huge splurge!

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